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How to Organize a Hawaiian Themed Event

Hawaiian themed parties are a great way to celebrate special moments in your life. Organizing a Hawaiian based party will provide a temporary break from life’s worries and stresses and for a few moments everyone will enjoy a whole host of fun and entertainment. It is commonly held during the daytime or at sunset when you enjoy the warm rays of the sun, but can also occur at night under tiki torches. Luau, a Hawaiian party, is a traditional feast which is usually complemented by dancing and large meals. It includes foods such as Poi, Kalua pig, Poke (to name a few) and plenty of music.

To organize a Hawaiian themed gathering, you will likely need an large outdoor space on a lawn or somewhere similar, as the Luau-based event is typically hosted beneath a large tent set in the open area. Customized costumes, best designed to match with the theme, are also memorable, striking aspects of the Hawaiian party. If you search for the kinds of Luau clothes available for purchase, a range of outfits tailored for men, women and children appear:

Costumes for Women
The Hawaiian costumes for women comprise of skirts made of grass, green leaves and a top floral or coconut shell bikini.  Floral necklaces and a hats feathered with green leaves and grass also add impressive complements to the party attire. Consider a black wig in order to resemble a native Hawaiian.

Costumes for Men
Bright and floral shirts coupled with ultra loose-fitting shorts are best suited for the Hawaiian themed parties. Additionally, floral necklace and funky sunglasses are also appealing ingredients for guys participating in the Luau party.

Costumes for Kids
Kids also require similar outfits for the party. Bright and wild patterned attires such as shirts, shorts, sunglasses accentuated with small floral ribbons are the preferred outfits for kids. Browse our options for Kids Hawaiian Costumes and pick your favorite.

Decoration is perhaps the most important step to turn the party place into a Hawaiian locale. Simple adornments such as colorful table clothes, printed plates and cups and palm plants are essential to infuse the essence of Luau into the party. Tropical fruits also add colors to the event.  Put all these elements together and you’re ready for a summer luau in your own backyard!

Easy Tips on Finding Awesome Superhero Costumes

Superheroes are liked and admired by all kids and adults of all ages in every corner of the world. The thing that makes these heroes universally special are their brave acts and fascinating costumes. People imitate these fictional characters and aspire to be like them. That is why people wear superhero costumes to act out the fantasies and behavior of their superheroes. If you love superheroes and want to buy costumes to resemble them, then you need to choose your favorite character look and go for it! Mentioned below are some of the tips that can help you find an awesome costume that will fit your body perfectly and make you feel like a superhero yourself. These include:

• First of all, don’t go into just any costume store without completing your homework. Before visiting a costume shop make sure that you have an idea about the costume you want to buy as well as your measurements. Consider the type, design, color and size of the costume so that it can match to your shape and taste.

• Determine whether the costume suits your personality. Generally, people buy a costume based on how it fits on their bodies, but don’t think about what the superhero’s back story reflects on them as the wearer.  Go with characters you know a lot about or a combination of appearance and the character’s story.

• Although costume shops are often similar, the costumes available inside can vary drastically. So go online and check the availability of the costumes ahead of time.  Perhaps ordering online is a better way to go. Once you go online and make a research to find perfect super hero costumes, you get an idea of what is being sold in the market and who are the best, average or worst retailers.

• When online, you can easily check images of costumes worn by popular superheroes – namely: Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Harry Potter, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye and Star Wars Jedi characters to name a few.

• Quality of costumes is an important aspect if you wish to wear the outfit multiple times or wash it between uses. Analyzing the features and traits of this disguise as best you can and let that impact your decision.

• Check the price of the costume in store and online to find the look that meets your budget. Don’t be afraid to compare prices! Also if you are ordering online make sure to decide early enough so that you don’t have to pay for expedited shipping, which is often more expensive.

• Beware of steep discounts on clearance or used merchandise.  Inspect the costume thoroughly prior to walking out with it and review the store’s return policy carefully to ensure you are making the right decision for a quality product.

• Authentic and officially licensed costumes are usually the best bet for look and reliability.  When in doubt you can take images you’ve found online or in comic books and make your own – Creativity goes a long way!

Winter Holidays are Fast Approaching!

With a chill in the air, when the calendar says December thoughts drift toward all the storied characters and figures of the season.  The iconic outfits of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, the North Pole Elves, Rudolph and the other Reindeer, the Three Wise Men, the Virgin Mary, Angels, a Nutcracker Toy Soldier, Gingerbread Man and Snowmen are only some of the popular costume looks worn for school plays, at shopping centers and during other festive dress-up occasions.  Both children and adults find that something magical happens after putting on one of these disguises this time of year as the resulting joy becomes contagious, spreading to everyone around them.  Of course the fun doesn’t stop once Christmas is over because New Year’s Eve has its own energy and celebratory options like 1920s flapper and gangster, 1970s funky pimp and sexy women’s fashions or traditional NYE party hats and decorations.  The end of the 2012 means the party is just beginning; find your favorite costume to wear out with friends and family and enjoy the merry revelry of the winter holidays!


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Costumes, Recycling and Sustainability

There’s plenty of talk in the media and popular culture these days about recycling, sustainability of our natural resources and the overall effect on the environment in which we all live.  One aspect of this discussion that doesn’t get as much attention is how costumes fit into the equation.

For many people, costumes are a fun outfit or accessory used infrequently during special occasions like Halloween, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July or around the Christmas/New Year’s Eve holidays.  But what can we do with costumes once these events have passed or kids have outgrown their disguises?

Here are a few ideas of how to repurpose or reuse costumes without disposing of them in the trash:

1. One Outfit for Multiple Characters.  A vampire cloak can be quickly turned into a magician’s cape by trimming the collar.  An Adult or Child Disney Princess outfit can easily double as a medieval or Renaissance maiden.  The looks of some popular movie characters are remarkably similar – For example: the tight leather suit Trinity wore in The Matrix movies from 10 years ago is pretty close to Selene from the recent Underworld films.  Use your imagination to transform a costume you already own into one you would otherwise purchase new.  You’ll save some money and feel good about doing so by not acquiring more stuff.

2. Hand Me Downs and Gifts to Neighbors or Friends.  It goes without saying that when a child grows up, their clothes no longer fit and there’s little reason to hold onto them besides sentimentality.  The same applies to costumes, but these are often in good condition as they haven’t been worn as much, so think about giving them to your friends and neighbors if they have kids in the same size or age range, provided your youngster doesn’t have brothers or sisters that could use these dress-up outfits as well!

3. Resale on the Secondary Market. eBay and Craigslist are popular websites where you can find just about anything you’re looking for and you might be surprised how much money you can get back for a used Spider-Man, Batman or Harry Potter costume if you describe it well enough and take a new picture or two. Again this will ensure the ensemble doesn’t just end up in a landfill taking up space.

4. Donation to Charity. Find out if Goodwill or the Salvation Army will accept costumes that they can then offer to shoppers at their store locations or distribute to needy families.  This is a great way to feel good about reducing the clutter in your closet without simply tossing it in the garbage.

5. When All Else Fails, Recycle.  If you simply can’t find another person or organization to take the costume you’re no longer using off your hands, try to recycle it as much as possible.  Many masks are made of plastic, so see if that can be assembled with your other kitchen recyclables for weekly pickup.  Fabrics can always be cut into smaller swatches for patch repairs of other clothing, or the outfit’s next life may be as a dust rag for cleaning chores. Again, try your best to avoid getting rid of these items before thinking of other ways they can be used.

If you put some of these suggestions into practice, both your wallet and conscience will be appreciative for the effort you’ve put forth.  Are there disguise reuse tips that you encourage but we didn’t mention?  Leave a comment below and share with us so our readers can take advantage of as many costume recycling strategies as possible.  It’s up to all of us to preserve the world as best we can.  Costumes may be a fun and silly diversion from everyday life, but they don’t have to be frivolous and wasteful!

Thanksgiving: A Time for Food, Family & Fun Costumes!

November is known for many things including cool temperatures, fall foliage and Veteran’s Day, but as we all know this month’s undisputed claim to fame is Thanksgiving. Between the bountiful meals prepared, time well spent reconnecting with family and perhaps a football game or two on TV, it’s easy to overlook one especially festive aspect: the memorable and distinguished outfits of the holiday. Rest assured we’ve got you covered with some great tips and suggestions to enhance your Thanksgiving celebration through costumes, accessories and decorations. Men and women can choose from Pilgrim or Native American Indian disguises to recreate the historic scene in Plymouth or try out another approach as our favorite feathered friend, the (tasty) Turkey. Same goes for kids appearing in school plays or parades in the days leading up to Thanksgiving; give off a look as if you just stepped off the Mayflower in a Pilgrim outfit or greet the new settlers in traditional Native American Indian garb. Turkey suits are an undeniably fun way for children to dress the part in this annual feast. Don’t forget to accessorize your costume with items including boots, headbands, wigs and hats. Embellish the surroundings with autumn-themed party supplies including centerpieces, tablecovers, plates and napkins. A few football decorations are also a welcome addition to the atmosphere while you watch the big games. Thanksgiving is a holiday that has it all; make the most of it by creating memories for years to come through some creative costuming!

Make Your Own Winter Wonderland…

Now that winter is here..and those warm days are long behind us….

Why not make the best of the months to come?

One way to do so is by throwing a Winter Wonderland party!


Well there is no better way than to celebrate the new season..Here is a list of the following things you will need to make it a success:

1) Decorations: To create the perfect winter ambiance, make sure to have lots of snowflakes and lights..Keep consistent with winter colors such as blue and silver.

2) Tableware: Make your tables pretty with winter themed table covers, napkins, and centerpieces.

3) Winter Themed Costumes: Be sure to bring some heat to the Winter Wonderland by looking hot with a great costume…some great examples include: Winter Princess, Santa‘s helper, or Miss Winter Wonderland.

And there you have it…add some friends & family, food, and music and you are all set!

Check out our selection of costumes and supplies below:

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Jeter Named S.I.’s Sportsman of the Year!

New York gets to add another #1 to their list this year….


Because the beloved Derek Jeter has been announced as Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year!

The Yankee star has had several championships with the franchise and other achievements, but this one is of much significance.

Although this is the 27th World Championship for the Bronx Bombers, this is the first time a Yankee has ever received this award.

Jeter expressed his honor for this award at the official ceremony and stated,

“When you think about being a good sportsman, there’s a lot of things that come to mind, People tell you it’s success on the baseball field, and I think that’s part of it. I also think there’s a lot of qualities that go into it — hard work, dedication, pride, humility. These are all things that I learned at a very young age.”

Well said Jeter….

All this baseball talk has you excited for next season?

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Ninja Assassin in Theaters…

Not really into the Twilight phenomenon or not really interested seeing the world end in 2012?


No worries..Ninja Assassin falls somewhere in between.

Yes, it is no secret…the reviews haven’t been particularly favorable..

However, the action sequences are expertly executed and the amount of blood and gore is favorable.

I mean come on…we all know a lot of action goes a long way..

The cast is relatively unknown, the film is rated R, and the plot isn’t top notch…

But the film does deliver when it comes to bloody, plotless action flicks…!

Be sure to check it out and also check out our latest ninja items & accessories:

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Tiger Woods: Injured from Crash or Assaulted by Wife?

Just when you thought he couldn’t be anymore perfect…think again..


Tiger Woods was recently involved in a  car accident in front of his Florida home.

At first speculation was of DUI or careless driving…But multiple sources have revealed his wife as the catalyst for his injuries.

And why….?

Because Mrs. Woods is reportedly a woman scorned! Several reports have surfaced of an alleged affair with the already infamous husband stealer Rachel Uchitel, a NY night club hostess.

It was said that Tiger’s wife was responsible for the lacerations on his face, in addition to the accident in its entirety.

Lesson learned Tiger? We certainly hope so!

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Party at the White House?….

President Obama hosted his first state dinner at the White House, honoring Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife, Gursharan Kaur….

And while it seemed to be politics as usual for Obama & Co…A Virginia couple managed to pull off arguably one of the best party crashings of all time!


Tareq and Michaele Salahi, of Virginia managed to attend this gala uninvited and the couple managed to pass by the Secret Service.

And to top it off…the couple managed to rub some serious elbows…They were fortunate enough to schmooze with Vice President Biden and posted a picture of the trio on their Facebook!


So lesson here is while we are out spending billions of dollars searching for terrorists…an average couple crashes the White House…Makes total sense!

Looking to pull a Salahi at the next White House event…maybe these masks will help..

If not it was worth a shot!

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