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Deal of the Day: Adult British Invasion Beatles Costume >> $10 Off Today Only!

Adult British Invasion Beatles Costume

Adult British Invasion Beatles Costume

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A new Paul McCartney album comes out on Tuesday and that’s the title too – New! The Beatles and their music have never gone out of style, so consider this classic rocker look for Halloween when you want to make fans scream like you’re one of the “Lads from Liverpool.”

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The Countdown to Halloween has Begun!

Another spooktacular fall season of costumes, masks, wigs, haunted house props and decorations is underway!  Halloween will be here soon and now is the time to prepare for the holiday by deciding on your favorite character before it’s too late and the best disguises are sold out.  Some of the hottest looks will come from the biggest movies of the year like Iron Man 3, Despicable Me 2, Man of Steel, Monsters University, Oz The Great and Powerful and Star Trek Into DarknessPopular superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America and Wonder Woman are always great options, as are classic choices like Harry Potter, Star Wars Jedi, Scooby-Doo, Power Rangers, pirates and witches.  Speaking of scary, October 31st just isn’t the same without zombies, monsters, aliens and horror movie icons like Jason, Freddy and Leatherface.  Of course Halloween isn’t the only costume occasion coming up…Oktoberfest is that most festive annual celebration of all things German to eat and drink and runs from September 21st to October 6th so consider a Bavarian Beer Girl or Guy outfit to make the revelry even more fun.  Combine these with sports happenings like baseball playoffs, the start of another year of NFL football and preseason basketball and hockey and you’ve got even more reason to party by hosting a gathering with friends and family – decorated for the big games, naturally!  More all-new disguises, accessories and party supplies are being added to our store daily so check our inventory early and often to pick from the best selection on the web.  Wishing all of our customers Happy Costuming during this incredibly exciting time between now and Halloween!

Autumn Offers are Here…Prices Fall on Costumes, Accessories & Decorations!

The excitement and anticipation for Halloween is underway! While you’re deciding on that perfect character look for your costume party and trick-or-treating on October 31st, don’t forget about the other great disguise events happening between now and then.  Oktoberfest is happening through October 6th, so celebrate in style with German food, beverage and Bavarian-inspired outfits and accessories to impress the revelers around you.  NFL football is back with hard-hitting action on the gridiron, MLB pennant chases are wrapping up as baseball playoffs are upcoming and both NBA and NHL are getting set for their preseason matchups; even more reason to have friends and family over for the big games and root on your favorite teams with colorful logo decorations.  To get you started on fall shopping for costumes, masks, wigs, hats and party supplies – anything you might need to get festive this time of year – use the following coupon for a big discount off your order:

FALLCOLORS-D10 = $10 Off Your Order with a $55 Merchandise Minimum

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End of Summer Savings on Costumes, Wigs, Hats, Party Supplies & More!

Labor Day Weekend is here! One last chance for family travels, picnics, BBQs or perhaps a trip to the beach before a new school year begins and the fall season starts.  We’re gearing up for Halloween which will be here before you know it and kicking off the holiday weekend with a great sale so that you can get all the costumes, masks, accessories, props and decorations you need for an upcoming disguise event, birthday party or any other chance to dress up! Use this code at checkout and enjoy a big discount on your order today:

FINALDAYS-P12 = 12% Off Your Order with a $25 Merchandise Minimum

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August Deals on Disguises, Masks, Costume Accessories & Decorations are Heating Up!

We’re in the home stretch of summer but the fun in the sun isn’t over yet! Although some schools are starting up classes already, lots of families are getting in their last vacation before a new year of studying begins.  There are still some summer movies yet to be released -  Kick-Ass 2, Riddick and Insidious Chapter 2 – along with the most popular films from the past few months still in theaters: Man of Steel, World War Z, The Wolverine, Despicable Me 2 and The Smurfs 2. Of course, believe it or not, planning and preparation for Halloween has already begun! So whether you’re hosting one final outdoor party, outfitting the kids with their favorite character look from the silver screen or getting a head start on the biggest costume holiday of them all in October, use the coupon below during checkout to save $$ on your next order:

DOGDAYS-D8 = $8 Off Your Order with a $50 Merchandise Minimum

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Summer Sale on Costumes, Accessories & Decorations Throughout Entire Month of July!

July has been stacked with holidays, outdoor activities and popular new movies – and the fun isn’t over yet! Superhero fans and kids (or kids at heart) will flock to theaters for upcoming releases The Wolverine and The Smurfs 2 when they open on the big screen.  Summer birthday parties and BBQs can always use a creative theme, so why not go for the sport of the season and decorate with a favorite Baseball team or transport your guests to a far away island or jungle with a Tropical motif.  Tried and true costumes like Pirates, Clowns, Alice in Wonderland, Batman, Spider-Man and the characters from The Wizard of Oz never go out of style.  Pick your favorite look and beat the heat as you bring happy smiles to those around you.  For more reason to celebrate, save $$ on your order by using the following code during checkout today:

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4th of July Fireworks Start Early – Spectacular Sale on Costumes, Accessories & More!

The 4th of July is the peak of summer.  There, we said it.  A holiday weekend with tons of outdoor activities to choose from, fireworks displays, warm temperatures, BBQs with family and friends…what more could you ask for?  How about a big discount as you’re shopping for festive outfits and decorations to add to the celebration! We’re not talking about only patriotic or red, white and blue costumes and accessories either.  Every character look from the blockbuster movie season is fair game: The Man of Steel himself, Superman, zombies from World War Z , Monsters University‘s Mike and Sully, the Minions of Despicable Me 2, the western tales of The Lone Ranger, Marvel Comics’ adamantium-clawed anti-hero The Wolverine…along with so many others to choose from.  Birthday party themes for this time of year include a favorite baseball team, tropical settings, or the tried-and-true Batman and Pirate options.  Whatever you decide to buy, apply the following code and soak up the rays (and savings) to ensure a great Independence Day:

USABDAY-P12 = 12% Off Your Order with a $25 Merchandise Minimum

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A Valuable Costume Coupon to Celebrate and Decorate for the 4th of July!

One of the biggest Holidays of the year is almost here! Picnics, parades, parks, beaches, BBQs, fireworks, family and friends – how will you spend 4th of July weekend? Man of Steel soared to #1 at the box office but will Superman be able to fend off zombies and Disney‘s latest to defend the top spot when World War Z and Monsters University open in theaters?  The fun and sun of summer have begun – it’s time to disguise in your favorite character’s appearance and prepare for outdoor activities in the warm weather.  Find all the outfits, accessories, masks, costume wigs, hats and party supplies you’ll need to transform yourself and surroundings into a fantastically festive look.  Here’s a discount code to get you started saving some $$ on your purchase right now:

FIREWORKS-D5 = $5 Off Your Order with a $30 Merchandise Minimum

This Offer can be used on ALL Items Site-Wide and is Valid through July 7, 2013.

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Get Set for Summer! Father’s Day Sale on Costumes, Masks & Party Supplies Until Monday 6/17

We’re in store for a big weekend! Father’s Day is only one of the reasons to celebrate as Man of Steel opens in movie theaters everywhere, the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals continue for basketball and hockey fans, the summer solstice is almost here and the 4th of July holiday weekend isn’t far behind.  Prepare for all these fun events with Costumes, Accessories, Wigs, Hats and Decorations – everything you’ll need for the festivities and a great party.  We’ve created a super discount code that you can apply to your order for lower prices all around.  Be sure to use it today!

DADSDAY-P11 = 11% Off Your Order with a $20 Merchandise Minimum

This Promotion can be used on ANY Product Site-Wide and is Valid through June 16, 2013.

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Father’s Day This Sunday = Extra Savings on Costumes, Accessories & Decorations All Week Long!

Father’s Day is that special time of the year when we celebrate all Dads and father figures in our lives.  Midway through June and with the summer solstice fast approaching, there’s no shortage of fun activities to choose from as we head into a busy season of water sports, travel and vacations with friends and family.  Preparations for the 4th of July have also begun as parties will be held at parks, beaches and backyards to mark the occasion.  Heading to the theater to see Man of Steel this weekend?  You won’t be alone as Superman’s return to the big screen is sure to be an incredibly popular adventure.  We fully encourage decorating and disguising for any or all of these events; to make it easier on your budget, use the following offer to reduce the cost of your order!

PROUDPAPA-D10 = $10 Off Your Order with a $55 Merchandise Minimum

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