Minions Save Minionkind from Annihilation!

The new Minions movie spinoff, from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment arrives in theaters across America on July 10th.  In this new Miniontale, minions have been wandering the earth for millions of years in search of the one true evil master!  Three new minion characters embark on a quest to find the most evil villain.  Their quest begins in Antarctica, moves to New York City and finally lands across the pond in London England.  Directors Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin, masterfully steered the film’s voice talents of Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, actors Jon Hamm, Steve Carell, Michael Keaton, and actress Jennifer Saunders to deliver a box office smash that dethroned Jurassic World from atop the UK chart during its opening weekend, and was newly crowned as the biggest ever opening for an animated feature in the UK.

Minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob search and find the world’ first-ever female Super-Villain, aka Scarlet Overkill.  As the story unfolds, hijinks and minion mayhem run amok when Scarlet, who is obsessed with the Queen of England, sends the minion-3 on a high-stakes mission to steal her crown. Looks like another sure-to-be minion movie triumph!

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Click here to see the Minions Movie Trailer.


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