Deal of the Day: Thrilling Deals on a Michael Jackson Costume

Michael Jackson Deluxe Red Zipper Child Jacket

Michael Jackson Deluxe Red Zipper Child Jacket

Regular Price: $57.99

Sale Price: $48.99

Deal of the Day Price: $38.99

Save an ADDITIONAL $10.00!

This Deal of the Day is EXPIRED.

On the 5 year anniversary of the unfortunate passing of the King of Pop, we can’t help but remember the many milestones and hits that Michael Jackson accomplished in his life. From MTV to the Halftime Stage of the Superbowl, he danced and sang his way right into the hearts of billions across the planet. Today, take advantage of this Deal of the Day on one of his many iconic costumes. The Michael Jackson Deluxe Red Zipper Child Jacket (as seen in the video for his #1 single ‘Beat It’) will make the perfect playtime accessory for your little one as they dance around the living room or the party. ┬áJust as Michael was gone too soon, this thriller of a deal will only last so long, so don’t stop till you get enough because this is it!

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