How to Organize a Hawaiian Themed Event

Hawaiian themed parties are a great way to celebrate special moments in your life. Organizing a Hawaiian based party will provide a temporary break from life’s worries and stresses and for a few moments everyone will enjoy a whole host of fun and entertainment. It is commonly held during the daytime or at sunset when you enjoy the warm rays of the sun, but can also occur at night under tiki torches. Luau, a Hawaiian party, is a traditional feast which is usually complemented by dancing and large meals. It includes foods such as Poi, Kalua pig, Poke (to name a few) and plenty of music.

To organize a Hawaiian themed gathering, you will likely need an large outdoor space on a lawn or somewhere similar, as the Luau-based event is typically hosted beneath a large tent set in the open area. Customized costumes, best designed to match with the theme, are also memorable, striking aspects of the Hawaiian party. If you search for the kinds of Luau clothes available for purchase, a range of outfits tailored for men, women and children appear:

Costumes for Women
The Hawaiian costumes for women comprise of skirts made of grass, green leaves and a top floral or coconut shell bikini.  Floral necklaces and a hats feathered with green leaves and grass also add impressive complements to the party attire. Consider a black wig in order to resemble a native Hawaiian.

Costumes for Men
Bright and floral shirts coupled with ultra loose-fitting shorts are best suited for the Hawaiian themed parties. Additionally, floral necklace and funky sunglasses are also appealing ingredients for guys participating in the Luau party.

Costumes for Kids
Kids also require similar outfits for the party. Bright and wild patterned attires such as shirts, shorts, sunglasses accentuated with small floral ribbons are the preferred outfits for kids. Browse our options for Kids Hawaiian Costumes and pick your favorite.

Decoration is perhaps the most important step to turn the party place into a Hawaiian locale. Simple adornments such as colorful table clothes, printed plates and cups and palm plants are essential to infuse the essence of Luau into the party. Tropical fruits also add colors to the event.  Put all these elements together and you’re ready for a summer luau in your own backyard!


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