Summertime Events Call for Character Disguises & Party Accessories!

The dog days of summer are here! There are plenty of ways to beat the heat including a day at the beach or a picnic at a local park, but another extra cool idea to celebrate the season is by decorating and dressing up in costume for activities around town.  Holidays are in a lull between now and Labor Day, but the spirit of this time of year definitely calls for a BBQ or Tropical location-inspired gathering.  As for sports, Major League Baseball is in full swing, so that theme would also be a great choice for a birthday party.  Of course, movies are on everyone’s mind and although a lot of the blockbusters have already left their mark on the big screen, there are still a few anticipated releases still to come.  Before the end of July, The Wolverine will satisfy action and Marvel Comics enthusiasts while The Smurfs 2 should appeal to family with little ones looking for some animated fun.  Disney’s Planes soars into theaters in August and superhero fans will get another fix when Kick-Ass 2 is released.  The best thing about disguises and character looks is that you really don’t need a reason to put one on.  Costumes and decorations help make any event more memorable, just pick your favorite and enjoy the freedom and happiness that the outfit brings to everyone you encounter!


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