Rock the Party with Captivating Costumes of Snail Characters from Turbo

Turbo, a talking snail who is obsessed with IndyCar racing, is the central character of the 2013 3D computer-animated sports comedy film Turbo produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is the story of a garden snail that dreams of becoming a racer and gets a chance after being vested with the power of incredible speed and accuracy when he infuses his DNA with nitrous oxide. After befriending other snail characters, he achieves the impossible by refusing to let limitations get in the way of his dreams. The characters who make the movie memorable with their adventures and actions are Turbo, Whiplash, Smoove Move, Burn, White Shadow and Skidmark .

The thing that makes this animated story especially endearing and hilarious is character-driven animation, strong players, subtle facial expressions and the incredible plot. The story of an underdog snail that has fascination with race cars induces laughter in the audience at regular intervals. The high-velocity 3D comedy depicts how an underdog snail miraculously attains the power of super-speed, puts his heart and shell on the line to help his pals achieve their dreams and overcome its impossible dream: winning the Indianapolis 500 race. The movie’s humor is bolstered with the acts of different snail characters that help Turbo make things possible.

If you want to bring the magic and charm of Turbo characters to your next party or gathering with you friends and close pals, then Turbo costumes, Whiplash costumes, Smoove Move costumes, Burn costumes, White Shadow costumers and Skidmark costumes can give you a reason to catch all eyes and make a mark with the latest animation characters who dominate the silver screens. Costumes of these characters will allow you enjoy every moment in the spirit and fervor of Turbo stars. Like other popular fictional characters such as those in Disney movies, the costumes of these characters help kids of all shape and sizes act out courageous and noble actions similar to those depicted on screen.

The snail in a yellow costume exposes Turbo’s two big eyes and a coiled shell that adds more spice to your outer appearance as well as presence in the party. All pivotal characters of the movie will add a newness and refreshing touch to costumes and allow you to get rid of traditional and repetitive dresses or costumes on different themes that you wear to attend a Halloween party. Find all the Kids Animal and Insect Costumes you are looking for here!


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