A Cavalcade of Costumes and Decorations to Celebrate Summer!

It’s June and summer is in full swing with Graduation ceremonies for high school and college students continuing throughout the month. After the commencement celebrations, it’s time for an outdoor barbeque with friends and family. Each of these occasions calls for some fun party supplies to spice up the surroundings, so decorate your space with festive flair. Father’s Day is June 16 and costumes can work as a great gift idea or a fun outfit for the kids to wear as Dad enjoys breakfast in bed or a favorite activity out and about. Independence Day is a cornerstone of the season and the 4th of July will be full of all things red, white and blue in the patriotic spirit of America including Uncle Sam hats, beards and suits for the town parade or any other holiday gathering. The disguise-friendly events don’t stop there as a host of blockbuster movies are set to open in the coming weeks. Star Trek Into Darkness is still going strong at the box office but by the time Man of Steel hits the big screen, Superman is sure to claim the top spot from any competition. Monsters University and World War Z arrive shortly afterwards before July heats up with The Lone Ranger and The Wolverine, among other films. Combine these numerous reasons to dress up in character looks with anticipated sports moments like basketball’s NBA Finals and baseball’s ongoing MLB season and their associated game day decorations and whew, we’re exhausted just mentioning all these options. Find your favorite of these costume choices, accessorize with a mask and wig and make the summer of 2013 unforgettable with plenty of jubilant enthusiasm and laughter!


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