Fired up for Summer + 4th of July? Check Out Our Special Patriotic Costumes & Other Hot Looks!

At the end of the month of May, high school and college students in the USA are all fired up to celebrate summertime and the 4th of July! Working past the long study nights, the time has come to hit the party deck!

You’ve been through the worst and now is the time to celebrate! Get out of the study mode, let go of that serious look on your face. Join up with family and friends to start shopping for your patriotic costumes or other fun character outfits. You feel the love for the country, its time to show it.

America is a country that has fought for the right to freedom, and holds it high for the world to see. We’re the ones that have shown the world the true meaning of freedom, feel it, and live it!

Holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day are especially important for us and all those who gave up their lives for the country are honored. They are the reason that we enjoy the fruits of freedom – the world knows it! We also have a number of Patriotic decorations for Independence Day for your home as well as special outfits for Parades, Picnics, BBQs and Fireworks Displays.

Wear a Traditional Uncle Sam Costumes to feel the energy that spread like wildfire throughout America. Dressed up with Red White and Blue Accessories at the Independence Day parade, show your love for country. Also choose from great American History Disguises to have a blast!

These celebrations mark the beginning of another highly anticipated fun summer season of blockbuster movies. Waiting for the latest addition to the Superman series,  Man of Steel, we will see the new challenges that one of our favorite superheros has to face.

Another pick of the year – the highly anticipated upcoming Marvel film The Wolverine. Our ferocious hero engages a mysterious figure from his past, emerging more powerful than ever before! Become a part of the theme, and grab on to our special Wolverine accessory kit. You can enjoy it all, the claws, the face tattoo, and the complete costume. We also have Wolverine Origins Bone Claw! If you enjoy authentic looking movie merchandise, then we have it all for you.

Movies are a part of the American Spirit, We enjoy it, We love it! If you enjoy the World War Z theme, the world governments falling apart because of a zombie pandemic, working off the old fashioned “zombie apocalypse”. Feel like the Archetype hero in a parallel world with an Adult General costume.

Browse from the above selections and more to start your summer off in decorative and creative costumes!


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