A Trio of Costume Holidays in February!

Get ready for the one of the busiest holiday weeks of the year, and each of these exciting winter festivities has its own unique outfits and decorations to help transform participants and surroundings in celebration of the highly anticipated events.  First up on February 12th is Mardi Gras and what would Fat Tuesday revelry be without beads, masquerade masks, capes, robes and Krewe King hats along with New Orleans themed party supplies.  Only two days later is that most special moment for lovers, Valentine’s Day.  Wearing some bedroom lingerie or perhaps a sexy Cupid look is a perfect way to mark the occasion with your sweetie but there are also plenty of heart shaped balloons and accessories that parents and kids can set up to spread the love to friends and family.  There’s almost no downtime before Presidents Day arrives on 2/18 and while it always lands close to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, now it serves as a time to patriotically reflect on our country and its leaders.  A historic political figure outfit or US President mask is appropriate, as are any Red, White and Blue decorations.  Movies are always a source of disguise ideas and with fairytale adventures like Jack the Giant Slayer and a story on the origins of the famous character the Wizard of Oz, Oz The Great and Powerful, coming to theatres in March there’s clearly an abundance of costuming still to come before Spring arrives.  Enjoy each of these holidays and events as they happen and take a few pictures to share your outfits and decorations with us!


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