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Feel the Luck of the Irish with a St. Patrick’s Day Costume Discount!

From now through March 17th, Green is the color! Upcoming movies like Jack the Giant Slayer and Oz The Great and Powerful will put Fairytale and The Wizard of Oz costumes in the spotlight during their respective theatrical runs but St. Patrick’s Day is one annual holiday that’s simply fun all the way around.  Leprechaun outfits come in every form – for men, women, boys and girls – and there are plenty of other disguises and accessories with Pot O’ Gold and Shamrock decorations as well.  Speaking of which, St. Paddy’s parties will be in full swing as the holiday falls on a Sunday this year, so be sure to stock up on balloons, banners, tattoos, party favors and anything else you’ll need to make the celebration even more festive.  Best of all, you can complete your shopping list for less with this coupon we’ve set up:

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Oscars Ceremony on Sunday >> Save on Costumes Throughout the Weekend!

With an estimated 40 million viewers set to tune in to the Oscars telecast on Sunday, February 24th it would be an understatement to say Hollywood is abuzz with anticipation for the event.  This is the evening all the nominees have been waiting for and host Seth MacFarlane is ready to sing and dance his way into America’s hearts (and living rooms) throughout the ceremony.  If you’re planning on watching with family or friends, pay close attention to the Costume Design category and its nominated films: Anna Karenina, Les Miserables, Lincoln, Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman.  Before the show is over, take advantage of our sale on all of our best disguises, masks, wigs, hats, costume extras and party accessories by using this code at checkout:

ACADEMY-P15 = 15% Off Your Order with a $40 Merchandise Minimum

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Springtime is the Right Time…For Costumes!

After the winter thaw has passed, temperatures are on the rise, flowers begin to bloom and birds are chirping in the trees, we know that spring has arrived. Alongside these signs of new life in nature come some of the best Costume holidays of the year. St. Patrick’s Day is one day when it’s easy being Green. Anything with a Shamrock design is in fashion and Leprechauns are among the most popular character looks for adults or kids. Spread the luck of the Irish to friends and family on March 17th with St. Paddy’s Day Decorations or perhaps a bit of green food dye in a beverage or two. The Easter Bunny will be hopping around a little early in the season as egg hunts and assembling jellybean candy baskets are on the calendar for Sunday, March 31st. It’s a religious holiday so disguises of a Biblical Shepherd, Jesus and Mary are appropriate as well as the full Rabbit Mascot suits. With plenty of Party Supplies to choose from adorned with bunnies and tulips, this is a particularly colorful time to celebrate with loved ones. The very next day is April Fools’ Day and a funny costume or Jester outfit fits the bill for anyone who wants to incite laughter or just be silly in general. Earth Day falls on April 22nd so this is a holiday for Fairies, Mother Nature, the Jolly Green Giant and any recycling-friendly looks. The beginning of May is all about Cinco de Mayo so prepare for this festive occasion with a serape, sombrero, Mexican or Spanish outfits and corresponding chili pepper decorations. Combine these annual events with big upcoming movie releases like Jack The Giant Slayer, Oz The Great and Powerful, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Jurassic Park 3D, Evil Dead, Scary Movie 5 and Iron Man 3 and it’s clear that this spring is jam packed full of opportunities to dress up in costume!

Take Home the Coveted Gold Statue with this Academy Awards Costume Coupon!

The streets are closed here in Hollywood in front of the Dolby Theatre as preparations continue for the 85th Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24th.  Nominated actors, actresses, directors, writers and crew are giving interviews to the press in advance of the motion picture industry’s biggest night.  Whose names will be called from the stage to collect their Oscar as the world watches?  We’ll have to wait and see until the sealed envelopes are opened by presenters including Meryl Streep, Michael Douglas, Jamie Foxx, Nicole Kidman and the cast of The Avengers. As the days count down before this ultimate celebration of the movies, we’ve started a special promotion for our customers to enjoy lower prices on costumes, wigs, hats, extras and decorations.  So practice your acceptance speech and get ready for a glamorous evening on the red carpet because by using this amazing discount, you’ll be the winner in the spotlight!

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12 Hours Only! An Extra Special Presidents Day Costume Offer

We hope everyone is enjoying Presidents Day today and regardless of if you’re on vacation, there’s always enough time to take advantage of a limited-time deal! This one is particularly valuable, so take a look at our character disguises, accessories, masks, costume hats, wigs and party supplies to assemble a great look and then save a bunch of $$ on your order with the following code:

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Our Presidents Day Sale Makes You Commander-in-Chief…Of Costumes!

This year, Monday February 18th is a day to reflect on our great country and the influence that leaders including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln had on its founding and long history.  Presidents Day is celebrated a little differently than most federal holidays in that some schools are in session while others use this time to start a week-long winter break and although a majority of businesses are open, the post office is closed.  Additionally, a long-standing tradition in the US Senate is to read George Washington’s Farewell Address aloud on or near his birthday.  However you choose to acknowledge it, one thing everyone can agree on is that Presidents Day is a perfect time to offer special promotions to customers and we’re no exception!  So browse our selection of costumes, masks, wigs, hats, accessories, props, and party decorations and find a great disguise for an upcoming occasion like an Academy Awards Party, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter or the upcoming release of Oz The Great and Powerful.  We cannot tell a lie, if you use the following discount your order total will be much less!

ABEANDGEORGE-D8 = $8 Off Your Order with a $45 Merchandise Minimum

This Offer can be applied towards ALL Items Site-Wide and is valid through February 18, 2013.

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A Valentine’s Day Costume Deal to Sweep You Off Your Feet!

Every February 14th plans are made by lovers for a romantic evening out on the town.  No matter how you celebrate this amorous holiday, the cost of Valentine’s Day can end up being a little harsh on the wallet.  So that’s why we’ve decided to create a special promotion to offset the fancy meal and expensive gifts.  Enjoy lower prices on everything we carry – including all our costumes, masks, accessories and party decorations – when you add this discount code during checkout:

ROMANCE-D4 = $4 Off Your Order with a $25 Merchandise Minimum

This Coupon can be used towards ANY Item Site-Wide and is valid through February 14, 2013.

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Spreading the Love this Valentine’s Day >> A Discount on Costumes & Lingerie to Warm Your Heart

A candlelit dinner, jewelry, flowers, Hallmark card, chocolate, romantic music and perhaps some wine aren’t the only ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other.  We think sexy outfits and costumes have a place both in and out of the bedroom and for youngsters, heart-adorned decorations are great to share with classmates at school. So make arrangements for a perfect February 14th and make sure to apply this coupon to your order for big savings that you can put towards a picturesque vacation or thoughtful gift:

CUPID-P14= 14% Off Your Order with a $40 Merchandise Minimum

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A Trio of Costume Holidays in February!

Get ready for the one of the busiest holiday weeks of the year, and each of these exciting winter festivities has its own unique outfits and decorations to help transform participants and surroundings in celebration of the highly anticipated events.  First up on February 12th is Mardi Gras and what would Fat Tuesday revelry be without beads, masquerade masks, capes, robes and Krewe King hats along with New Orleans themed party supplies.  Only two days later is that most special moment for lovers, Valentine’s Day.  Wearing some bedroom lingerie or perhaps a sexy Cupid look is a perfect way to mark the occasion with your sweetie but there are also plenty of heart shaped balloons and accessories that parents and kids can set up to spread the love to friends and family.  There’s almost no downtime before Presidents Day arrives on 2/18 and while it always lands close to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, now it serves as a time to patriotically reflect on our country and its leaders.  A historic political figure outfit or US President mask is appropriate, as are any Red, White and Blue decorations.  Movies are always a source of disguise ideas and with fairytale adventures like Jack the Giant Slayer and a story on the origins of the famous character the Wizard of Oz, Oz The Great and Powerful, coming to theatres in March there’s clearly an abundance of costuming still to come before Spring arrives.  Enjoy each of these holidays and events as they happen and take a few pictures to share your outfits and decorations with us!

Bring the French Quarter to Your Door! Mardi Gras Madness Savings on Masks & Costumes

It’s Carnival time again!  Mardi Gras translates from French as Fat Tuesday for the feasting and drinking before Lent begins but in addition to the food, beverages and revelry the holiday is also well known for its wild and crazy outfits.  Masks, Beads, Hats, Capes and Robes are but a few of the ways to accessorize in celebration during the days leading up to and including Tuesday, February 12th.  Decorate in the spirit of New Orleans to complete a festive look for your party or gathering and save a lot of $$ when you use the following code during checkout.  With Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day later on this month, there’s no shortage of reasons to wear a costume in February.  Let the Good Times Roll!

KREWE-B30 = Buy One Item at Full Price, Take 30% Off the Next of Equal or Lesser Value. NO Purchase Minimum. Coupon may be Redeemed Multiple Times on an Order!

This Code can be applied towards ANY Item Site-Wide and is Valid through February 12, 2013.

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