Pet Costumes are Big Business this Halloween! Get Yours for Less with a Canine-Friendly Coupon

Every dog has its day…and in 2012 that day is Halloween! According to the National Retail Federation, pet owners are expected to spend $370 Million on costumes for their furry friends until October 31st. It’s a staggering number and a definitive sign of how much people love their canine and feline companions – along with all the other species of reptiles, rodents, birds, fish and other animals we care for.  Even though this may be a huge amount of money put towards outfitting your pooch or kitty, we’ve got a great way to lower these holiday costs.  Just take advantage of the following promotion and enjoy big savings that you can squirrel away for a rainy day, keep in the piggy bank or use towards disguises for everyone else in the family:

HOWLOWEEN-P20 = 20% Off ALL Dog Costumes with a $20 Merchandise Minimum from that Category.

Browse what’s currently In Stock by Clicking the Link Below. The Code is Valid through October 21st, 2012.

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