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Remembering Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon

“That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” With that brief sentence, NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong secured a place in the annals of history by becoming the first person to set foot on the surface of the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969.  On August 25, 2012 this famed space explorer died in Cincinnati, Ohio at age 82, concluding a long and distinguished life marked by numerous accolades.

Following the celebrated mission, Armstrong and his fellow Apollo 11 crewmates Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Richard Nixon.  In 1978, Armstrong was given the Congressional Space Medal of Honor by President Jimmy Carter and received a Congressional Gold Medal in 2009.  During his life, Neil Armstrong was a Naval Aviator in the Korean War, earned college degrees from Purdue University and USC, flew experimental aircraft as a Test Pilot and shortly thereafter became one of the first civilian astronauts.  Armstrong also had three children with his first wife Janet.

The lasting impression of Neil Armstrong and his accomplishments is not easily summated.  To many, he is the embodiment of an incredible achievement by America and the scientific community in general in reaching that seemingly unattainable goal of walking on the Moon.  His name will remain synonymous with this event and space travel in general, and is deserving of every bit of praise received to this date and still to come.  One way to honor this incredible story of perseverance in the face of failure and danger is to keep the ambitions of NASA alive and wear an astronaut suit this Halloween or to any other costume event.  Here are a few options to help you boldly go into the unknown like this brave and intrepid soul did so many times before:

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Study Up on this Deal: A Higher Education Gets You Lower Prices!

Like it or not, school is serious business.  At just about any age, there’s pressure to achieve and perform to your highest abilities because the grades earned ultimately determine subsequent courses to enroll in, colleges to apply to and, eventually, job placement.  So when you need a break from all the books, tests and homework, what better way to escape these daily challenges than by taking on an entirely different identity or persona in costume?  Preparations for Halloween have already begun but there are plenty of other upcoming events that warrant a unique and colorful disguise. Give a look at all our varied choices and save a bundle by using the following promotion:

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Mourning the Loss of a True Puppet Master: Jerry Nelson from The Muppets & Sesame Street

Jerry Nelson, legendary puppeteer and voice of beloved characters on Sesame Street, The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock as well as films and TV specials featuring The Muppets, passed away at his home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts last night from complications following a long battle with emphysema at age 78.  Perhaps best known for his portrayal of the mathematical vampire Count von Count and Herry Monster (both pictured above), his other roles included Sherlock Hemlock, Sgt. Floyd Pepper – bass player for the Electric Mayhem band – and Gobo Fraggle among others.

Join us in paying tribute to a man who helped shape the lives and imaginations of children (and adults) the world over through the wonderfully unique puppets he controlled. As we reflect on the life of Jerry Nelson, celebrate his legacy by wearing a Sesame Street, The Muppets or Fraggle Rock costume this Halloween or at the next disguise occasion.

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First Week of Classes >> Get Smart with this Brilliant Costume Discount

Students nationwide are back in school getting adjusted to their daily schedule, meeting new professors and tackling tough assignments throughout the day and night.  These hard-working scholars are going to need to unwind and let loose at campus parties or around town; a costume goes a long way in showing off that fun-loving side at any social function.  Check out our wide selection of Character options including Hilarious Disguises, Wigs and Masks and use the following coupon at checkout to save $$ for the dining hall, bookstore or anywhere else:

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Special Back to School Savings on All Our Costumes, Masks and More!

Summer vacation is winding down and these unforgettable days full of fun in the sun are slowly drawing to an close.  Kids of all ages will be returning to schools across the country over the coming weeks ready to share stories with their classmates from the months spent apart.  Parents know that Back to School shopping for materials and supplies is a must to get children prepared for another year of learning, but it doesn’t have to be limited to just paper, pens and pencils! Why not pick out a few fun outfits and accessories for the next Birthday Party or perhaps to get an early start on stocking up for Halloween disguises and decorations? We’ve got an irresistible offer to help you find that classic costume you’ve been looking for:

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Fall Movie Preview = Your Favorite Character Look for Less!

What movie are you most excited to see in the coming months?  Before 2012 is over, there are plenty of highly anticipated films on their way to a nearby theater. Super-spy James Bond returns in the action-packed Skyfall, Peter Jackson helms another epic from Middle Earth in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and a worldwide phenomenon vampire/werewolf series concludes with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.  Director Steven Spielberg shares a historical tale in Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis as the “Great Emancipator” and 16th President of the United States, Jamie Foxx portrays a freed slave in a Western story that only Quentin Tarantino could tell in Django Unchained while musical fans are sure to enjoy a big-screen adaptation of Les Miserables with Hugh Jackman as former prisoner Jean Valjean.  Audiences will also get to watch Tom Hanks in the special effects-heavy curiosity Cloud Atlas and see Hollywood’s first take on the hunt for and killing of Osama Bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty.  Those choices alone are enough to make any moviegoer’s head spin but there are of course even more than that set to premiere at the multiplex soon.  Join us in celebrating the heroes, villains and famous faces from film history by taking advantage of this discount on your next Costume order:

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Dog Days of Summer are Here…Stay Cool with this Deal on Animal Costumes!

Sweating it out this August? Breath a sigh of relief because we’ve got a great offer on select Costumes, Wigs, Masks, Decorations and more to help you chill out in the high temperature. Simply use the following code at checkout to put our already low prices on ice and save more on your favorite character outfits and extras:

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Will and Zach on The Campaign Trail – Landslide Vote for a Big Sale!

In advance of the upcoming Presidential election this fall between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, big-screen funnymen Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are set to do a little mudslinging of their own! Opening in theaters August 10th, The Campaign looks to be a comedic smorgasbord as the two contenders stop at nothing to win a heated congressional race.  The star power of these two leads is enough to draw crowds of moviegoers ready for laughs, but adding Jason Sudeikis, John Lithgow and Dan Aykroyd puts this cast of characters over the top. We can’t decide who to pick in this political battle, so we’re going non-partisan by offering a great deal on Costumes, Accessories and Decorations to get you in the spirit of the debate season:

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Our Final Discount in Celebration of the London 2012 Games!

American gymnast Aly Raisman’s impeccable floor exercise won over spectators across the world, earned her a gold medal and encouraged us to create one last coupon as the Summer Olympics approach their conclusion. As the US and China continue their neck-and-neck battle for athletic bragging rights, we’ve saved the Best for last with the following deal:

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Save Some Green While America Goes for Gold!

The 2012 Olympics in London have provided countless thrilling moments already while dozens of medals are yet to be won! Over the next week viewers will witness memorable feats that are sure to inspire sports fans of all ages. Join us in rooting on the US competitors to victory and use the following offer at checkout for a valuable discount on Costumes, Accessories, Masks, Decorations & More:

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