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Batman Stays Atop the Box Office…Prices Fall as The Dark Knight Rises!

Not even the powerful nemesis Bane can stop Batman’s return to big screen glory! After a truly gargantuan opening weekend earning over $160 Million in theaters, the largest ever for a 2D film, The Dark Knight Rises continues to defeat any and all competition at the multiplex.  To mark this historic achievement, we’re offering an even deeper discount at

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Bring the Party to Your Backyard with this Super Summer Sale!

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The Savior of Gotham City Returns = You Deserve a Heroic Discount!

The anticipation is building for Director Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to his Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises!  Christian Bale returns as the caped crusader while Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy co-star.  To get you ready for this Huge summer blockbuster-to-be, save the day when you use the following coupon on your order:

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Exclusive Details on the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Split!

It seems the Independence Day Spirit has hit some of us a little harder than others.  Katie Holmes has recently filed for divorce from her husband of six years, Tom Cruise.  Cruise, who recently turned 50, was in Iceland filming his newest movie, the alien thriller Oblivion.  Cruise currently stars in Rock of Ages, in which he portrays drunken rock star Stacee Jaxx.  Earlier this year, he starred in Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol.  Channeling his inner secret agent once more, Cruise is set to star in Jack Reacher, in which he plays a retired military investigator involved in a very fast-paced plot.  He just released a trailer for Jack Reacher on July 3rd.

Many have wondered what broke up this love that was supposedly so great Cruise infamously deemed it appropriate to jump up and down on a couch while on live television to profess it.  As it happens, Holmes’ reasons were none other than concern for the well-being of the couple’s daughter, Suri.  At age six, princess-like Suri has already made headlines for her avant-garde fashion choices, which include wearing a pair of gold heels and a few very Blair Waldorf-esque ensembles (the criteria for such outfits include headbands, fashionable coats, and the perfect purse).

Rumor has it that Tom’s strong religious beliefs interfered with what Katie thinks is best for Suri.  Cruise, along with several other celebrities, is a Scientologist, though not all celebrities are in favor of it.  Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has described it to be a “very weird cult.”  Cruise has some very different views on the religion and it’s been said that he wishes to send young Suri to Sea Organization, a.k.a. Sea Org, which founder L. Ron Hubbard originally created as his own mini-navy that is now land-based.  Scientology’s core leaders are all a part of this organization, and those who occupied the ships before they moved to land are considered its clergymen.  Those who have high standings in the Scientology/Sea Org circle live by some very strict, military-like rules.  Lots of rumors have been going around about unfair and inhumane treatment at Sea Org, some of which even go so far as to mention forced child labor.  Alas, there is no actual proof behind these rumors besides speculative stories so their credibility remains somewhat questionable.

But it’s still no wonder that Mama Holmes was a little freaked out by these accusations.  However, her and Suri are taking this divorce in stride. The two have been spotted enjoying ice cream together in New York and toting stuffed animals around the city.

Fun in the Sun >> Surf’s Up, Prices Down!

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