Sacha Baron Cohen Welcome at the Oscars…Just Not in Costume!

The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest mockumentary/comedy, doesn’t invade theaters until May but the controversy surrounding this totalitarian ruler has already begun!

News reports earlier this week indicated Sacha Baron Cohen was banned from the Academy Awards on Sunday, February 26, but those statements have been clarified to say the actor is still invited, just not allowed to attend in costume as the Republic of Wadiya’s Admiral General Aladeen from his upcoming movie.

The General has taken to the airwaves to issue a statement about this executive order from the show’s producers.  Take a look at the exclusive video here:

Questionable behavior and scandalous actions are nothing new to Oscar ceremonies; Jane Fonda’s salute along with Vanessa RedgraveMichael Moore and Marlon Brando’s acceptance speeches each come to mind along with the infamous 1974 streaker and Foreign Film winner Roberto Benigni climbing through the audience to reach the stage and claim his trophy.

We suspect that General Aladeen’s unpredictable antics are just beginning… Fortunately for everyone else, costumes aren’t banned at Academy Awards parties, so try out this one of legendary Sacha Baron Cohen character Borat or get militaristic with a General disguise of your own!


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