The Bachelor Stages a Hometown Play…in Costume!

ABC’s The Bachelor traveled to Sonoma, California, for the 2nd episode of its 16th season as Ben enlisted the help of 12 of his prospective partners to put on a play written by 5th and 7th grade kids at the local Community Theater.

You can check out the whole episode here but believe us when we tell you that one of the best segments of this week’s show were the costumes of “Prince Pinot of Bachelorville.”

We saw Jenna as a Wizard, Jaclyn as a Princess, Jennifer as a Weasel, Blakeley as a Gingerbread Woman, Monica as a Dragon, Samantha as a Sexy Miss Piggy, Nicki as a Donkey and others as a Tree, Hippie, Valley Girl and in Renaissance Maiden outfits.

Ben pulled double duty as both a Sheep and the title Prince, also incorporating some Knight armor into his disguise.

For all the Medieval, Animal, 1960s and 1980s looks, this episode was well worth checking out! Want to put together your own Bachelor-themed costume party? Choose from the links above or images below and cast the starring roles…just don’t forget a Rose for the Best Actress!


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