Oscar Nominations: Who Got Love and Who Got Snubbed?

Now that the 2012 Oscar Nominations are out, conversations have begun about which movies received the correct amount of recognition, the ones that may have gotten a little too much praise and those films that were left out altogether.

The Best Picture category is down to 9 choices from 10 nominees the past two years and we’ve heard some grumbling about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 not being a part of the esteemed list.

Leonardo DiCaprio was included as a “Best Actor” candidate for the Golden Globes and SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards for his role in J. Edgar but was unceremoniously left out of the running by the Academy.

Same goes for Tilda Swinton in We Need to Talk About Kevin…omitted from Oscar contention even though she’d been recognized by the other voting bodies.

We could go on for quite a while with more questionable picks from the Academy but one last one we’d like to mention is The Adventures of Tintin not being included in the Animated Feature Film category.  This snub really makes us scratch our heads.  Is it because the movie was made using motion-capture technology that is doesn’t qualify as an “Animated” film?  Whatever the real reason is, we’re baffled how a movie of this caliber could be bypassed!

Check out all the Nominees here and ramp up your excitement for the winners to be announced on February 26th live from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood (televised on ABC) by hosting an Oscar-Watching Party and wearing your favorite costume from some of the nominated films!


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