Alice in Wonderland Party at the White House…Hid from Public Knowledge?

Just in time for the Presidential Election later this year, word has come out that the First Family had a lavish Alice in Wonderland-themed celebration in 2009 that was kept under wraps out of fear that it would upset those folks struggling through a widespread recession.

The story was first reported in this New York post article and is fully documented in the upcoming book The Obamas.

Tim Burton decorated the State Room, Johnny Depp appeared in full costume as the Mad Hatter, the Obamas’ daughters enjoyed a magic show and Star Wars mastermind George Lucas even sent Chewbacca to stand guard, presumably if the Secret Service had their hands full at any point.

So what do you think…does the White House have the right to hold private, perhaps secret soirees like this during such hard times for the rest of the country?  Or is the media just blowing it out of proportion, as they have been known to do every now and again!

One thing’s for sure, you don’t have to be invited to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to participate in an Alice in Wonderland disguise affair.  Take a look at these costumes and host your own Tea Party whenever you want:


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