Thanksgiving: A Time for Food, Family & Fun Costumes!

November is known for many things including cool temperatures, fall foliage and Veteran’s Day, but as we all know this month’s undisputed claim to fame is Thanksgiving. Between the bountiful meals prepared, time well spent reconnecting with family and perhaps a football game or two on TV, it’s easy to overlook one especially festive aspect: the memorable and distinguished outfits of the holiday. Rest assured we’ve got you covered with some great tips and suggestions to enhance your Thanksgiving celebration through costumes, accessories and decorations. Men and women can choose from Pilgrim or Native American Indian disguises to recreate the historic scene in Plymouth or try out another approach as our favorite feathered friend, the (tasty) Turkey. Same goes for kids appearing in school plays or parades in the days leading up to Thanksgiving; give off a look as if you just stepped off the Mayflower in a Pilgrim outfit or greet the new settlers in traditional Native American Indian garb. Turkey suits are an undeniably fun way for children to dress the part in this annual feast. Don’t forget to accessorize your costume with items including boots, headbands, wigs and hats. Embellish the surroundings with autumn-themed party supplies including centerpieces, tablecovers, plates and napkins. A few football decorations are also a welcome addition to the atmosphere while you watch the big games. Thanksgiving is a holiday that has it all; make the most of it by creating memories for years to come through some creative costuming!


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