The Back to School Costume Checklist

It’s that time of year again! Summer vacation is over and kids are back in class to all the books, tests and homework that come along with starting a new grade.  For those of us studying up on what the hot Costume trends currently are and will be this fall, we’ve got some scholarly advice for you.  Monster High and Glee outfits have each getting high marks across the board recently.  Of the movies set to be released in upcoming weeks, we expect The Lion King 3D, the true baseball story Moneyball and a new version of The Three Musketeers to graduate with honors.  From the library of tried-and-true favorites, Captain America, Green Lantern, Hello Kitty, Shrek, Lady Gaga, and The Wizard of Oz are all poised to earn their annual accolades as Halloween creeps closer.  Don’t discount the seething potential of Angry Birds or dependable Superhero option Batman as anticipation towards The Dark Knight Rises grows; both are A+ choices for Kids or Adults.  Extra Credit: Take advantage of our wide array of disguises available now before the October rush begins for the best selection possible.  We hope you’ve been taking notes to find that perfect costume look…Pencils down!


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