Judge Agrees: Wearing Costumes is Not a Crime

Here in Los Angeles, a court decision has just been handed down vindicating the costumed performers who entertain throngs of tourists in front of Graumann’s Chinese and Kodak Theatres on Hollywood Boulevard. Click here to read the entire story from LATimes.com.

This past June, dozens of disguised superheroes and movie characters were arrested on a variety of charges including blocking a public sidewalk in an attempt to rid the area of what some see as an essential part of the Hollywood experience while others decry them as a nuisance to residents and visitors alike. Until U.S. District Judge Dean Pregerson’s ruling, these famous impostors were left to wonder if anyone else sided with the argument that their behavior on the streets was protected under the First Amendment. Well, we’re glad to report that this injunction allows them permission to continue the decades-old Hollywood tradition of taking pictures with tourists in exchange for a monetary tip.

Now that these iconic personalities are free to return with protection from the court, a new day has dawned for professional costumers. To our readers who want to celebrate this ruling in an appropriate outfit, you’ll want to check out our Superhero & Villain or TV & Movie Costumes for Kids and Adults for great ideas that fit any dress-up occasion. Of course there are always two sides to any news story, so we invite you to share your opinion with a comment below on whether or not you agree with the judge’s ruling. We’ll reward you anyone who comments with a special coupon code good through the entire Holiday season!


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