Jim Carrey Debuts Provocative New Superhero at Conan Live!

Embattled late night TV personality Conan O’Brien has had an eventful 2010 thus far. Dismissed as host of The Tonight Show in January after only 7 months, his $32 Million settlement from NBC made big headlines, as did the terms of his departure. Prohibited from hosting on television until September, the comedian amassed his team of writers and embarked on a cross-country theater tour earlier this month, only to announce on opening night that he’d been signed by TBS to a late night time slot starting in November. This roller coaster ride of a year would only get more interesting as his live show came to Universal City in Los Angeles for two nights of music, laughter and surprises.

Funnyman Jim Carrey has also had a tumultuous April as an official announcement was released via Twitter confirming that his 5-year relationship with actress Jenny McCarthy has ended. So in a strange way it seemed a perfect fit when Jim visited Conan on stage this past weekend in a triumphant merging of the two comedic icons. Jim’s guest appearance seemed innocuous enough on paper, he and Conan were to sing a duet of Five for Fighting’s “Superman (It’s Not Easy).” But of course nothing with these jokesters is as it seems, when on the first night Jim serenaded the crowd while dressed in a full-body Superman Costume. The audience was sent into an excited frenzy, but this was only the tip of the iceberg for what Mr. Carrey would bring to the table the following evening. That night, the duo reprised their cover song, only this time Conan wore the Man of Steel outfit while Jim wore a green bodysuit from the recent film Kick-Ass. As expected, hilarity and standing ovations ensued, however, the fun was far from over…

In an encore that seemed to surprise everyone, even Conan, Jim returned to the stage a short time later dressed as a superhero that only his wild imagination could manifest: Cornucopious. A sexual superhero, he’s powerless in love but makes up for it with unlimited virility. His only weakness? Cold Sores. The outfit was equally jaw-dropping; Jim basically nude save for a bounty of fruit to represent his teeming genitalia. #BOING indeed! Simply put, this is a YouTube video you must see to believe. We’ve included it below along with a few fruit and vegetable-related costumes that may inspire you to harvest some humor of your own. This weekend’s antics have upped the ante for live comedy. After seeing Conan’s live show, we’re even more excited to find out what November has in store for fans of Coco and can only imagine what Jim Carrey has up his sleeves when he eventually sits down with the host on his new TBS series.

Apple AdultGreen Grapes AdultBanana Costume Plus AdultCorn Adult CostumeOnion Adult CostumePurple Grapes Adult Costume


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