Predators Trailer Debuts at SXSW

The 2010 edition of Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest Festival has wrapped up and amongst all the musical happenings and headlines, one movie event that caught our eye was the unveiling of some footage from the upcoming film Predators. Producer Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk Till Dawn, Planet Terror) showed the first clips and considers Predators to be a direct sequel to 1987’s Predator as it follows a group of mercenaries and soldiers left to fight for their lives after being released into an alien world populated by the formidable creatures. The first trailer can be seen here or by clicking on the image above.

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t a part of the cast for this project, the film has a strong roster of talent including Adrien Brody, Lawrence Fishburne, Topher Grace and Danny Trejo. We’ve been a fan of the action-packed franchise since its inception and had to endure some mediocre installments along the way, but after this initial glimpse Predators looks like a solid effort. It’s due to hit theaters this July, so gear up for the thrill of the hunt with some of our Predator costumes, masks and accessories below.

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