Lady Gaga’s Off the Hook Costumes from “Telephone”

Impossible-to-predict pop icon Lady Gaga has gone and done it again. Paired alongside sultry singer/actress Beyoncé, the music video for their song “Telephone” is equal parts racy, raunchy and captivating. In a throwback to exploitation films of the 1970s, the video takes viewers inside a dangerous (and sexually-charged) women’s prison, stops at an out-of-the-way diner that becomes a multiple murder crime scene and concludes on dusty roads as the duo try to outrun the cops fast on their trail. Trust us when we say that our description does the mini-movie no justice at all, you have to see it to believe it! If you’re brave enough, check it out here or by clicking the picture above – Warning: NSFW or the kids!!

Besides the gorgeous Beyoncé and a surprise appearance of Quentin Tarantino’s truck from Kill Bill: Volume 1, what caught our eye the most during the 9-minutes-plus running time were, of course, Lady Gaga’s flamboyant outfits. We’ve come to expect sexy prisoner uniforms, studded jackets and thong bikinis but what took it over the top was the Crime Scene Tape “dress,” her translucent chef’s hat and apron, and form-fitting leopard print bodysuit. If you’d like to create your own Lady Gaga-inspired look, mix and match our costume choices below. Lady Gaga reinvents the rules of fashion daily; follow her lead and think outside of the conventional if you want to make yourself stand out and apart from the crowd!

Adult Sexy Prisoner Striped CostumeJumbo Rusty ChainCaution party TapeKiss the Chef Adult CostumeMiss Firecracker Adult CostumeAdult Alluring Leopard Costume


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