Batman Comic Fetches a Cool Mil, Too

Call it a case of superhero one-upsmanship. Only days after Superman’s debut in Action Comics No. 1 sold at auction for the stratospheric price of $1 Million US Dollars, the first appearance of Batman in Detective Comics No. 27 trumped it by going to a private bidder for the new record amount of $1,075,500. Heritage Auction Galleries handled the comic book’s sale, whose condition was graded as equal to Action Comics No. 1 – an 8.0 out of 10 or “Very Fine.”

So what does this previously unimaginable price tag mean for the comic book marketplace and superhero worship in general? Well, it’s a victory for all collectors who have successfully preserved their comics with hopes of a big pay day in the years to come. Attic-cleaning moms will have to devise new strategies once the children find out that their comics, given enough time, could command decades’ worth of salary from hero-hungry buyers.

Fictional fantasy figures such as Superman and Batman are at a high-water mark of popularity in the comic book community. Combine the larger-than-life reputations of these idols with the scarcity of their debut issues and you have a perfect storm leading to mind-boggling dollar amounts such as these. Few of us have the budget to afford such lucrative collectibles, but we can still live out the bravery of our comic book icons in other ways – such as costumes! While we’ve included a few Batman Costume options below, be sure to browse our site to see the full Superhero selection. Choose an adventurous alter-ego and wear their distinguished disguise but also hold onto your collection of printed character cartoons; the timeless stories of action and romance might end up becoming a sizeable retirement fund!

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