The Million-Dollar Debut of Superman

Setting an “official public record” for a comic book at auction, Action Comics No. 1 has sold for the incredible sum of $1 Million US Dollars. Revered for being the first appearance of Krypton’s Man of Steel, Superman, the 1938 comic fetched over Half a Million Dollars more than previous sales of the same issue due to its condition being graded higher – an 8 out of possible 10 or Very Fine. Auction website handled the private transaction, and it is believed that there are only 100 copies of this comic book remaining in existence.

With a face value of 10 cents, the Million Dollar sale has received a considerable amount of attention, making headlines in both the comic book community as well as mainstream media. In our opinion, this collectible’s value reinforces the Superman character’s continuing reputation as a symbol of all things good and true in society. His nobility and selflessness are enviable traits, ones not seen often enough these days, making Superman a quintessential hero in so many different ways. Those accolades, along with his feats of strength and speed, are among the reasons why the outfit still proves to be popular for costumers of all ages.

Take a look at our Superman costume options for adults and kids and see what happens when you don the iconic Red, Yellow and Blue outfit. With the recent auction news and a new Superman movie in the works, his stock is ascending. You might not become “faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound” but the skin tight suit is sure to draw some smiles and maybe raise a few eyebrows from those around you!

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