Reinventing Captain America and His Iconic Costume

Director Joe Johnston’s The Wolfman, starring Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt reaches theaters this weekend, but superhero fans are starting to get the buzz going early for his next project The First Avenger: Captain America well in advance of its tentative release date in summer 2011.

Captain America has long been a favorite for comic book aficionados, with his unmistakable shield even making a stealth appearance in the hit 2008 film Iron Man, and the veteran filmmaker recently divulged a few surprises about the patriotic powerhouse’s look for this upcoming adaptation. You can read the entire interview with Joe Johnston here or by clicking on the image above.

We’re thrilled that Captain America is finally getting some big-screen recognition after the 1990 version ended up bypassing the multiplex, going straight to video and cable TV. The trademark red, white and blue suit that Captain America wears stands proudly alongside Superman and Spider-Man as an immediately recognizable symbol of all things brave and heroic in the USA. So, what better way to pledge your allegiance to this Marvel movie muscleman than by wearing a Stars and Stripes outfit of your own. As you can see, we’ve got disguise options for men and women, adults or children, so no one will be left out as we anticipate The First Avenger: Captain America next year!

Captain America Classic Adult CostumeCaptain America Infant/Toddler CostumeCapt America Female ClassicCaptain America Inflatable Adult CostumeCaptain America Sassy Deluxe Adult CostumeCaptain America Classic


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