Looking Ahead to St. Patrick’s Day

As February is the shortest month of the year, March will be here in a flash and you know what that means…Time to start thinking about St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th!  Recognized as a public holiday in Ireland since 1903, the popularity of St. Paddy’s Day has spread worldwide and among the parades, meals and Masses you can expect to see a whole lot of Green in the wardrobes of those who celebrate.  Looking for a great Paddy’s Day costume to wear during the procession or at the local watering hole?  We’ve got Lucky Leprechaun looks, eye-opening Irish outfits for the lasses, some choice Celtic Children’s options, and incredible selection of St. Patrick’s Day Costume Accessories and plenty of Party Supplies to decorate your Coisir.  Honor the life of Ireland’s patron Saint Patrick by dressing up for the occasion, but be sure to enjoy the revelry in moderation because we don’t want you ending up Green around the gills!


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