Happy National Carrot Cake Day!

Working in the costume industry, it seems like we’re finding out about fun, new holidays just about all the time. Case in point: Today, February 3rd, is National Carrot Cake Day. The history behind why this time of winter was chosen to honor the sweet, moist, yet still slightly nutritious dessert is a little spotty, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to celebrate any less fervently.

Bakeries across the country are offering specials and giveaways to mark the occasion and we encourage everyone to partake in the tasty treat that is a slice of Carrot Cake at least once. Some of our more culinary-minded readers may take this opportunity to bake their own Carrot Cake – perhaps with raisins, pecans or walnuts – and share it with family and friends; that’s one way to make the “official” holiday even more memorable.

Writing about Carrot Cake has us salivating for a piece, but also gets us thinking about all the costumes related to the wonderful orange vegetable. Rabbits are probably the most well-known fan of the Carrot, but so are horses, and we’ve got plenty of Animal Disguises for each. In fact, National Carrot Cake Day is in some ways a precursor to Easter, so it can’t hurt to check out our Easter Costumes and Decorations in advance of the April Holiday. However you choose to commemorate National Carrot Cake Day, make it an annual tradition from this point forward. Bunnies the world over would be proud!

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