Taking It to the Streets

Super Street Fighter 4 Logo

Attention PS3 and Xbox 360 owners, Capcom’s classic martial arts series Street Fighter has a new installment on the way, the eye-popping and hyperkinetic Super Street Fighter IV. To get gamers salivating on their controllers, a new trailer for this frenetic fighting tournament can be seen by clicking here or on the logo above.

Many of the iconic brawlers from this 20+ year old franchise are back, including Ryu, Ken Masters, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Zangief and M. Bison, but they’re also joined by up to 10 new characters along with countless combos, special moves and colorful costumes for players to practice, pull off and put on, respectively. Most of all, we’re excited to see the incredible angles and views during gameplay and feel the bone-crunching action from up close while on the couch.

Since we’re talking about the unique looks of these bruisers, why not enter the competition dressed and ready for hand-to-hand combat? We’ve got official Street Fighter outfits as well as dozens of karate, ninja, and martial artist disguises and accessories to choose from. Simply choose from the options below or browse our adults and kids categories to see all the costume possibilities. Super Street Fighter IV is set for release sometime in Spring 2010, so get ready for a mano y mano sidewalk showdown like you’ve never seen before!

Adult Ryu CostumeStreet Fighter Chun-Li Adult CostumeAncient Dynasty Ninja Child CostumeKarate Kid-Miyagi Dojo Deluxe Adult CostumeStreet Fighter Akuma Adult CostumeAdult Ken Masters Costume


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