Hot Costumes for a Cold Winter

For most of the country, 2010 has begun with a frigid chill in the air courtesy of Mother Nature.  To help get your mind off the numbing wind and ice, all you have to do is think about the many costume holidays and events in the weeks to come.  February is jam-packed with reasons to dress up and celebrate, starting with sports parties for Super Bowl XLIV on the 7th and the Winter Olympics in Vancouver starting on 2/12.  We’ve got all the Super Bowl Party Supplies you could possibly want, along with plenty of hard-hitting Football Disguises to get your gridiron gathering going.  Kids can root for the USA to take home gold in Canada by wearing a Patriotic Cheerleader Outfit while moms and dads serve snacks on Red, White and Blue Party Supplies.  Then the big tripleheader hits: Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and Mardi Gras all one after another from the 14th to 16th; you’ll want to be prepared for each accordingly.  Thinking about getting ready for all these activities gets us a little hot under the collar, so start making your own plans with family and friends for these dates and any winter blues are sure to melt away!


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