Conan and Leno in Late Night Limbo?

Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno

The beginning of 2010 has been a tumultuous time at NBC. Come February 12th, The Jay Leno Show will be axed from its daily 10 pm slot and word is that the veteran entertainer will return to a place in the network’s late night lineup. Of course, this news doesn’t thrill his Tonight Show successor Conan O’Brien, who is seemingly left with a less-than-desirable choice: push back his program to a midnight start, or leave NBC altogether!

These kinds of ratings-based rearrangements really aren’t anything out of the ordinary in the realm of TV, but it’s the fans and friends of each host that are making negotiations all the more interesting. Sides are being taken, lines drawn and even legendary funnyman Jerry Seinfeld has spoken up, offering a few comments on the (laughing) matter. Seeing as how his new show The Marriage Ref premieres next month on NBC, it’s no surprise he’d like to get in the middle of this potentially monumental rift.

So what can faithful viewers do as we await word of who’s staying, who’s going and why? Our suggestion is to dress up in any of these classic costumes including an NBC-inspired Peacock, Jay’s many Motorcycle Looks and a Simpsons Outfit or two in support of Conan, a former writer for the animated series.  One of Conan’s favorite segments from his time on Late Night was when he portrayed a turn-of-the-century Baseball Player, so we’ve included that one too.  We’ll keep a close eye on the trades in the next few days to see who ends up on top of this high-profile shake-up!

Peacock Gal Teen CostumeToddler Harley-Davidson Costume KitThe Simpsons Radioactive Man Adult CostumeBiker Beard and MoustacheBart Simpson MaskAdult Plus Size Old Time Baseball Player


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