Apple’s iPad Unveiled

Today in San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the technology behemoth’s newest addition to their arsenal of popular gizmos.  Named iPad, this tablet-shaped personal computer device looks like an over-sized iPhone but functions like a MacBook with a touch-screen.  Our hastily-drafted description doesn’t do the gadget justice, visit the official Apple site to see and read more about the iPad by clicking here or on the photo above.

Only a ½” thick and weighing 1.5 pounds, iPad has a 10” screen and will be available in late March at a starting price of $499.  We couldn’t be more excited to share the news because this hybrid mobile/desktop product is truly revolutionary compared to most everything else on the market.  In fact, we’re so giddy about this release that all day we’ve been finding apple-related costumes and extras to share with our readers.

As you can see, we’ve got a round and ripe Apple Costume, a Apple Dumpling Outfit for teens, the groovy 1960s Appletini Costume, and a sweet accessory in the Red Apple PurseSnow White might prefer to avoid taking a bite of that poisoned apple, but the fruit decorates her dress and our Tina the Target disguise shows what happens when a knife-thrower misses the apple on her head with a trio of blades.  Even the famously apple-tempted couple Adam and Eve get in on the excitement.  Host an announcement party of your own with our Red and Green Apple-Colored Party Supplies as you patiently await using the amazing iPad – March can’t come soon enough for this hand-held wonder!

Apple AdultApple Dumpling Adult CostumeSaucy Snow White Adult CostumeRed Apple PurseAdam and Eve Costume SetTina the Target Adult


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  1. Costume Guy
    31. January 2010 at 01:51

    I never knew there were so many costumes and accessories that could be tied in with an apple theme. As pretty as the costumes are, my favorite is the Adam & Eve tie in:).

    Regarding the iPad, I’m anxious to see one up close when they are available in the stores and feel around for myself. A number of people I’ve talked to already believe this would be their ideal portable computer. The price tag is nice too. I’ve read a couple of tweets about the iWorks software that come with the iPad, which has been adapted to the touchscreen features on the iPad and they sound really exciting too.

    I’m so excited I think I’ll go look for my forbidden fruit!

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