Next Stop: North Pole

Let’s set the scene, shall we?  All the classic elements of Christmas Eve are in effect.  Children have set out a glass of milk and plate of cookies in anticipation of Santa’s arrival, a decorated Christmas tree glitters and glows with colorful lights and beautiful ornaments while fancifully wrapped presents wait patiently for daybreak and frantic, giddy hands to tear through the shiny paper.  Stockings are hung and stuffed, perhaps a bit of snow falls through the night and unforgettable memories are created for those who share in this holiday together.  Yes, it’s Christmas time again and we couldn’t be happier.  Honor these festive days and the people in your life both near and far.  We would like to graciously thank our extended network of friends and customers for their support and loyalty through the years.  May your holiday season be merry and peaceful, with one final party to usher 2009 out still to come on New Year’s Eve.  Happy Holidays from!


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