Enlist in Rihanna’s Army

Seen the new music video for Rihanna’s song “Hard” featuring Young Jeezy yet?  Click the photo montage below to check it out for yourself!

Rihanna Hard Montage

From her album Rated R, Rihanna wears a number of intriguing costumes during the explosive 4-minute video. Most of the outfits have an undeniably Sexy Military air about them, but others leave us scratching our heads wondering where the costume designer came up with the ideas.

Her spiky shoulder accessory makes us think of Wez from The Road Warrior, the dictator disguise subtly reminds us of something MJ used to wear, but the most unusual has got to be the mouse-ear helmet she wears while riding atop a hot pink tank.

If nothing else, the video succeeds in being quite a bit different than anything we’ve seen before. After you’ve watched it, if you’re gung-ho ready to go to war behind this empowered singer, check out the costumes and accessories below for a few similar looks.

Combat Cutie AdultSergeant in Arms Adult CostumeTyler Black Adult BootsAdult Ball And Chain Set CostumeBlack Hot Shorts AdultArmy Brat with Belt Adult Costume


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