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The world premiere of director James Cameron’s latest sci-fi epic Avatar is tonight in London and we can’t wait to hear what the first reviews will say.

Avatar Poster

We don’t know much about the plot other than what’s in the trailer…a squad of Marines travels to an alien world called Pandora to battle the indigenous “peoples” – only it’s not the soldiers who are fighting the war, rather clones made from their DNA.

Think the story sounds mind-blowing?  Well just try and imagine how much the movie cost to make (estimates are over $300 Million) in the 14 years Cameron has been kicking this fantastic tale around.

Of course the only thing to do besides patiently wait for its December 18th release here in the US is to get some costumes in the spirit of the movie and the upcoming holidays.  We’ve got plenty of Blue disguises and accessories along with traditional soldier and military outfits.  Even a couple of Blue Santa looks for men and women to celebrate Christmas while color coordinating with the Navi aliens.  Are you looking forward to Avatar as much as we are?  Post a comment below and join our costume discussion.  When we get the official Avatar costumes in, you’ll be the first to know!

True Blue Fairy (Light-Up) Adult CostumeAdult Sexy Neverland Elf ChickCpl. Punishment Adult CostumeChild Army Soldier CostumeShare  Blue Santa Suit Adult Large CostumeBlue Christmas Present Adult Costume


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