A (Pre)View Through the Looking-Glass

While moviegoers all around the world patiently await the theatrical release of Avatar for immersion into director James Cameron’s alien world of Pandora, a new trailer for Tim Burton’s vision of the classic fantasy story Alice in Wonderland has made its way online.  Click any of the posters below to view the trailer.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Poster

Both Avatar and Alice in Wonderland are being released in 3D, RealD and IMAX 3D so we’re eager to find out which of these is the best format when traveling to never-before-seen lands – whether they’re found underground or deep in outer space.

Alice in Wonderland doesn’t reach the big screen until next year, but we’re certain there will be more exciting news about the film and its stars to come. In the mean time, check out these other posters we found of Mia Wasikowska as Alice and Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red Queen, then create your own Alice in Wonderland costume look with any of our disguises, wigs, hats, and accessories. But be careful how much you try to find out about this Disney picture before March 5th because – as Alice knows – “Curiosity often leads to trouble!”

Alice in Wonderland Alice Poster Alice in Wonderland The Red Queen Poster

Adult Sexy Queen of Hearts Dress CostumeSweetheart Alice Teen CostumeMad Hatter Child CostumeMiss Wonderland Child CostumeChild Queen of Hearts CostumeMad Hatter Adult Costume


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