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Sherlock Holmes: Eliminate the Impossible

Just in time for Christmas, a new movie about revered author Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed sleuth of London is set to hit the big screen. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the film stars Robert Downey Jr. as the titular detective, Jude Law as his colleague Dr. Watson and Rachel McAdams as Holmes’ former flame Irene Adler. Click the poster below to watch the trailer for Sherlock Holmes.

sherlock holmes movie poster

Robert Downey Jr. has been red-hot since 2008’s Iron Man, even earning an Oscar nomination for his inspired performance in Tropic Thunder, and the preview for Iron Man 2 is generating serious interest well in advance of its May 7, 2010 release date. So, given his recent success with critics and at the box office, we expect his role as the British investigator to be delivered with a similar level of enthusiasm.

Snooping around for clues to assemble a distinctive disguise of your own? Take a look at our costume options for outfits and accessories inspired by this new film, the classic novels and their 19th century characters. Show scofflaws there’s no outwitting this master private eye whose genius deductions make crime-fighting seem easy and – as Watson knows well – “Elementary!”

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Splitsville for Tim and Susan

Unfortunately it’s true: One of Hollywood’s most famous domestic partnerships is officially over. A-list stars Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have separated, according to a statement from the actress’ representative. Click on the photo below to read the full article from People magazine.

tim robbin susan sarandon separation

The couple – who were together for over 20 years – never officially married, though they did have two sons together. Miss Sarandon also has a daughter, actress Eva Amurri, from a previous marriage to Italian director Franco Amurri.

Although we don’t like reporting on celebrity separations – especially during the holiday season – one positive side to the story is that they have been apart since the summer, so this news comes as no surprise to those closest to them.

Thinking back on some of their many memorable roles, plenty of costume ideas come to mind. After all, Susan was a vampire in The Hunger, a witch in The Witches of Eastwick, and a nun in Dead Man Walking. Tim’s roles through the years included a wild baseball pitcher in Bull Durham (where he met Susan in 1988), a prisoner in The Shawshank Redemption and an astronaut in Mission to Mars.

So the next time you dress in one of these disguises, remember their high-profile relationship – one that many thought would always remain intact. Alas, while all good things must come to an end…great costumes can live on when you give them to friends and family!

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The Griffin Family Strikes Back!

Sure to delight fans of both franchises, an all-new Family Guy / Star Wars movie parody makes its way to DVD and Blu-Ray this week. Click the poster below to see the trailer for Something Something Something Dark Side.

Family Guy Something Something Something Dark Side Poster

It all started in 2007 with Blue Harvest, a hilarious spoof by the Family Guy team on the science-fiction classic Star Wars. Once again, FG animators have gone to great lengths to recreate famous scenes and battles in their unmistakably irreverent style, this time for a takeoff on 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back.

In terms of the cartoon’s look and story, Blue Harvest surprised us with how faithful it was to the original film and we once again expect tears of laughter to be rolling down our faces when we sit down with this installment.

So choose your favorite Star Wars character outfit and settle in with family and friends for a no-holds-barred comedy experience that only Seth McFarlane and his talented crew could manifest. May the (Funny) Force Be With You!

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Enlist in Rihanna’s Army

Seen the new music video for Rihanna’s song “Hard” featuring Young Jeezy yet?  Click the photo montage below to check it out for yourself!

Rihanna Hard Montage

From her album Rated R, Rihanna wears a number of intriguing costumes during the explosive 4-minute video. Most of the outfits have an undeniably Sexy Military air about them, but others leave us scratching our heads wondering where the costume designer came up with the ideas.

Her spiky shoulder accessory makes us think of Wez from The Road Warrior, the dictator disguise subtly reminds us of something MJ used to wear, but the most unusual has got to be the mouse-ear helmet she wears while riding atop a hot pink tank.

If nothing else, the video succeeds in being quite a bit different than anything we’ve seen before. After you’ve watched it, if you’re gung-ho ready to go to war behind this empowered singer, check out the costumes and accessories below for a few similar looks.

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Next Stop: North Pole

Let’s set the scene, shall we?  All the classic elements of Christmas Eve are in effect.  Children have set out a glass of milk and plate of cookies in anticipation of Santa’s arrival, a decorated Christmas tree glitters and glows with colorful lights and beautiful ornaments while fancifully wrapped presents wait patiently for daybreak and frantic, giddy hands to tear through the shiny paper.  Stockings are hung and stuffed, perhaps a bit of snow falls through the night and unforgettable memories are created for those who share in this holiday together.  Yes, it’s Christmas time again and we couldn’t be happier.  Honor these festive days and the people in your life both near and far.  We would like to graciously thank our extended network of friends and customers for their support and loyalty through the years.  May your holiday season be merry and peaceful, with one final party to usher 2009 out still to come on New Year’s Eve.  Happy Holidays from!

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A (Pre)View Through the Looking-Glass

While moviegoers all around the world patiently await the theatrical release of Avatar for immersion into director James Cameron’s alien world of Pandora, a new trailer for Tim Burton’s vision of the classic fantasy story Alice in Wonderland has made its way online.  Click any of the posters below to view the trailer.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Poster

Both Avatar and Alice in Wonderland are being released in 3D, RealD and IMAX 3D so we’re eager to find out which of these is the best format when traveling to never-before-seen lands – whether they’re found underground or deep in outer space.

Alice in Wonderland doesn’t reach the big screen until next year, but we’re certain there will be more exciting news about the film and its stars to come. In the mean time, check out these other posters we found of Mia Wasikowska as Alice and Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red Queen, then create your own Alice in Wonderland costume look with any of our disguises, wigs, hats, and accessories. But be careful how much you try to find out about this Disney picture before March 5th because – as Alice knows – “Curiosity often leads to trouble!”

Alice in Wonderland Alice Poster Alice in Wonderland The Red Queen Poster

Adult Sexy Queen of Hearts Dress CostumeSweetheart Alice Teen CostumeMad Hatter Child CostumeMiss Wonderland Child CostumeChild Queen of Hearts CostumeMad Hatter Adult Costume

Keep on Rocking in a Green World

The winners of the 2009 Spike TV Video Game Awards were announced here in Los Angeles over the weekend and fans of the Rock Band game series will be happy to learn that The Beatles: Rock Band was named Best Music Game of the year.

Rock Band designers Harmonix and MTV Games wasted no time after this big win, revealing that the next group to be digitally immortalized is none other than Green Day!

green day rock band

Members Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool made the big announcement themselves with some early gameplay footage that can be seen here. We know that following the footsteps of the Four Lads from Liverpool are some impossibly big shoes to fill, but if anyone is, this trio from Berkeley is up to the task.

Green Day: Rock Band is expected to have a late-summer or fall 2010 release so eager gamers are going to have to be a little patient until then. In the interim, we suggest checking out our Rock Star and Punk Rocker looks for kids and adults. That way once the game hits store shelves, players will have their on stage (in the living room) outfit all squared away. Because as any up-and-coming superstar knows, the music business isn’t always just about the tunes, but how you look when you’re rocking out!

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Hop to It…The Princess and the Frog Now in Theaters

Disney fans rejoice! The newest full-length feature animated film from the world-renowned entertainment juggernaut has at long last arrived to a big screen near you.


The Princess and the Frog re-interprets a classic fairytale story but adds an entirely new twist. It’s set in 1920s New Orleans so the music by famed composer Randy Newman is sure to be a real treat. The trailer is chock full of hilarious characters (both human and animal) and the animation’s visual style holds nothing back as the hand-drawn movie is seen through a rainbow of colors.

There are a few famous voices in the film, including Oprah Winfrey and John Goodman, but it’s actress Anika Noni Rose who is sure to draw the most attention as the heroine Princess Tiana.

We’ve got an official Princess Tiana costume for girls along with quite a few frog outfits for the guys to choose from along with a wide array of New Orleans-themed disguises in adult and kids’ sizes.  So pick one up for before or after you see the movie, because The Princess and the Frog is certain to be a memorable addition to the incredibly strong Disney catalog.

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