World Series 2009! Cheesesteak or Cheesecake?

Tonight is Game 6 of the 2009 World Series...


The New York Yankees will be looking to clinch yet another world title, while the Phillies are looking to keep their title from 2008!

With the Yankees up 3-2 in the series, fans will surely be in for one memorable game.

And if in fact New York does take the title, there will be one hell of a celebration in the streets!

So where will you be watching the game?

Stadium? Bar? Home?

Well either way we have the perfect party supplies for both Phillies and Yankees fans!

Celebrate in true fan fashion…and May the Best Team Win!

New York Yankees Lunch Napkins (24 count)New York Yankees 9Philadelphia Phillies Deluxe Party KitPhiladelphia Phillies Invitations (8 count)Philadelphia Phillies Lunch Napkins (24 count)Philadelphia Phillies 9


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