New Moon Costumes to Howl Over

The Twilight Saga: New Moon had its boisterous premiere in Westwood yesterday and is set to take over theaters nationwide on Friday, November 20th, giving the frenzied fans of this film/novel series something juicy to sink their starved teeth into.  The fresh installment features a quartet of werewolves in addition to the familiar vampires who live in the town of Forks, so the options for costumes has doubled thanks to this follow-up.  Now that Gothic Capes, Fangs, Dracula outfits and Sexy Vampire looks co-exist alongside Wolfman masks, Hairy Hands, Monstrous Feet and Werewolf costumes in New Moon, show your enthusiasm for these phenomenally popular stories by picking out some Twilight Party Supplies and a disguise to give as a gift or wear on opening night.  Fans of the Twilight movies are sure to eclipse records this weekend as throngs will swarm to the big screen to satiate their thirst; live out your destiny as a fan by joining in the bloodlust and dressing the part this weekend!


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