Marvel to Debut Another Classic….

The next Marvel classic is on it way to the big screen

Thor, is expected to begin production in January 2010… and the film should wrap up around May 2011…


In the film, Thor’s (set to be played by Chris Hemsworth) powerful but reckless actions refuel an ancient war.

Thor is cast down to Earth as punishment from his father Odin (set to be played by Anthony Hopkins!!!) and is forced to live among humans.

On Earth, Thor is just an average surgeon, Dr. Donald Blake.

However,  he discovers Thor’s hammer — giving him the ability to transform himself into Thor and back again into Dr. Blake.

Others set to appear in the cast include Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston.

Should be another blockbuster given the cast and also the creation of Thor by Stan Lee..who is also the creator of Spider-Man and X-Men!

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