Giving Thanks This November: Veterans, Pilgrims and Turkeys

When one costume holiday ends, another isn’t very far behind and now that Halloween is over, our sights are set on two disguise-worthy dates in the next few weeks: Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.  Veterans Day is almost here, so we hope you’ve got the right look for the town parade to pay tribute to the brave soldiers who have fought and sacrificed for our freedom here in the USA.  Upcoming Thanksgiving festivities call out for decorations and historical outfits as enormous meals are prepared and larger-than-life parades are attended.  Get ready to gobble down plates of turkey, potatoes, stuffing and pie – a feast made even more delicious when you’re wearing a Thanksgiving-themed CostumeMayflower Pilgrims, Native American Indians, Colonial Settlers, even phenomenally funny Full Body Turkey Suits are available for your amusement; pick out your favorite, add a few accessories and assume a new identity for the weekend.  November might not traditionally be thought of as a major month for costumes but with your help we can change the public’s perception on these holidays from humdrum to hair-raising!


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