Get Those Candles Ready…Hanukkah’s on the Way!

Now that December is finally within reach…we are into full blown holiday season.


Thanksgiving is gone…and Christmas is rapidly approaching…

But Hanukkah is also on its way!

The holiday begins this year on December 11th and ends on December 18th.

Dreidels, latkes (potato pancakes), and gelt (chocolate Hanukkah money)….will all be part of the week long celebration.

Get ready for the holiday fun with our latest Hanukkah items.

Check them out below:

Hanukkah Star Tinsel WreathCandles - BlueHanukkah Shimmering Star 9Star of David Fanci-fetti ConfettiHappy Chanukah HatTranslucent Dreidels Asst. (4 count)


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