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The Perfect Costumes for Cyber Monday

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.  Our waistlines are a little bit larger today but the annual fall feast was of course well worth tacking on a few extra pounds for.  With December almost here, the holiday season is officially underway and office workers are diligently catching up on their job duties, all the while keeping an eye (and mouse) on the best internet deals and discounts they can find for “Cyber Monday.”  The aptly-named online shopper’s bonanza makes us think of this great viral video we found with a costumer who has taken the Transformer Bumblebee look to an incredible new level.  Check out our other Transformers, Terminator and robot costumes to assemble a futuristic outfit for yourself or to give as a Hanukkah or Christmas gift.  Start clicking and find your favorite character costumes, masks, wigs, hats, party supplies and accessories on our site – just make sure that if you’re browsing at work, the boss doesn’t catch you shopping on company time! Good Luck and Happy Holidays from

Tiger Woods: Injured from Crash or Assaulted by Wife?

Just when you thought he couldn’t be anymore perfect…think again..


Tiger Woods was recently involved in a  car accident in front of his Florida home.

At first speculation was of DUI or careless driving…But multiple sources have revealed his wife as the catalyst for his injuries.

And why….?

Because Mrs. Woods is reportedly a woman scorned! Several reports have surfaced of an alleged affair with the already infamous husband stealer Rachel Uchitel, a NY night club hostess.

It was said that Tiger’s wife was responsible for the lacerations on his face, in addition to the accident in its entirety.

Lesson learned Tiger? We certainly hope so!

Love the golf look without all the drama? Check out our items below:

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Get Those Candles Ready…Hanukkah’s on the Way!

Now that December is finally within reach…we are into full blown holiday season.


Thanksgiving is gone…and Christmas is rapidly approaching…

But Hanukkah is also on its way!

The holiday begins this year on December 11th and ends on December 18th.

Dreidels, latkes (potato pancakes), and gelt (chocolate Hanukkah money)….will all be part of the week long celebration.

Get ready for the holiday fun with our latest Hanukkah items.

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Party at the White House?….

President Obama hosted his first state dinner at the White House, honoring Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife, Gursharan Kaur….

And while it seemed to be politics as usual for Obama & Co…A Virginia couple managed to pull off arguably one of the best party crashings of all time!


Tareq and Michaele Salahi, of Virginia managed to attend this gala uninvited and the couple managed to pass by the Secret Service.

And to top it off…the couple managed to rub some serious elbows…They were fortunate enough to schmooze with Vice President Biden and posted a picture of the trio on their Facebook!


So lesson here is while we are out spending billions of dollars searching for terrorists…an average couple crashes the White House…Makes total sense!

Looking to pull a Salahi at the next White House event…maybe these masks will help..

If not it was worth a shot!

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Countdown to Christmas…

Now that Turkey Day is over…the countdown begins for the next big holiday of the year.


Yes folks,…can you believe it? Christmas is right around the corner!

While some people have been preparing for this holiday since the beginning of the year, others are buckling down into shopping mode.

And with today being Black Friday, shoppers had no better day to capitalize on!

Whether your Christmas shopping has started today or will be halted to the last minute…Let us be your guide to all the fabulous Christmas items and accessories

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Costumes for Black Friday and the Year-End Holidays

Thanksgiving is this week, so we hope that by now you’ve got whatever outfits you need for the town parade and turkey dinner.  If you’re still looking for a Pilgrim-themed costume, browse our Thanksgiving sections for adults and kids to find that perfect look and have it shipped to your door right away.  Savvy shoppers know that the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday and if you’re in search of a great deal on disguises, click no further than our Clearance Items marked down 50% to 60% from their regular price.  For the more creative (and literal) Black Friday costumers, we suggest going Gothic to give this retail period a dark, non-conformist twist.  Of course, once the calendar page says December, all attention shifts toward Hanukkah and Christmas.  Here at, we’re well-prepared for religious events and gatherings.  See our Hanukkah Party Supplies and everything Christmas to get started for these end-of-year festivities.  The busy holiday season is almost here; stay ahead of the curve by getting your shopping done early and you’ll have more time to spend with family and friends.  Trust us, they’ll thank you for it!

Sarah Palin: Iraq, Iran..What is the Difference?

So with Sarah Palin’s new book out on the market..she is now busy making her rounds across the country..


Unfortunately, Tina Fey the II doesn’t seem like she has been doing her homework…

In a recent interview with FOX News’ Sean Hannity…Palin confuses two countries when answering a very important question…

Iran, Iraq….ehh they are all the same right?

Wrong! Palin commits an act similar to a classic Kanye West incident…a train wreck that we can’t help but watch.

Fortunately for Palin, she answered the question seemingly indifferent towards her error.  At least shes confident !

Check out the clip below:

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Aliens Are Taking Over: Planet 51 to Hit Theaters

Aliens, 1950′s, Dwayne Johnson….


How can anyone resist …?

Planet 51 is set to premiere on November 20th…and already has lots of buzz.

The film is a recreation of 1950s science fiction films where our beloved planet Earth faced constant extinction by alien space invaders. The irony of this flick is that it features an alien planet terrified of — a human astronaut.

The film is witty in its contemporary references and is sure to be a hit with the kids

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New Moon Costumes to Howl Over

The Twilight Saga: New Moon had its boisterous premiere in Westwood yesterday and is set to take over theaters nationwide on Friday, November 20th, giving the frenzied fans of this film/novel series something juicy to sink their starved teeth into.  The fresh installment features a quartet of werewolves in addition to the familiar vampires who live in the town of Forks, so the options for costumes has doubled thanks to this follow-up.  Now that Gothic Capes, Fangs, Dracula outfits and Sexy Vampire looks co-exist alongside Wolfman masks, Hairy Hands, Monstrous Feet and Werewolf costumes in New Moon, show your enthusiasm for these phenomenally popular stories by picking out some Twilight Party Supplies and a disguise to give as a gift or wear on opening night.  Fans of the Twilight movies are sure to eclipse records this weekend as throngs will swarm to the big screen to satiate their thirst; live out your destiny as a fan by joining in the bloodlust and dressing the part this weekend!

Hannah Montana Meets Family Guy

Attention Hannah Montana fans, we have some Earth shattering news..

Miley Cyrus is an Android!!!


Well, at least on Family Guy.

The cartoon series which is no stranger to celebs and controversy recently aired an episode this past Sunday, which poked a little fun at Ms. Cyrus.

In this episode, Stewie fakes an illness in order to score some Hannah Montana tickets…

Of course this quest turns to chaos as Miley’s true identity was revealed…leading her on an andROID rage throughout the town.

Ultimately, she was taken down and all was well in music and the world again!

Check out the episode below…

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