Trick-or-Treating Tips for Halloween Weekend

We are mere days away from the most colorful, creative and frightfully fun time of the year: Halloween!  But before you send your costumed candy-collectors out into the neighborhood on their annual harvest of sweets, study up on safety and consider the following advice.  Always assemble Halloween costumes with care, using only non-flammable materials, and examine the outfit’s length to make certain no fabric or Accessories are dangling or can get tangled up while traveling from door-to-door.  If a Mask is part of the Halloween disguise, be sure to have adequate visibility through the eye holes and that all noises from nearby cars or people can be clearly heard through ear holes.  When approaching an unfamiliar home on the haunted holiday, only knock or ring the doorbell if a porch light is on and the house appears inviting to dressed-up guests.  Avoid barking dogs and dark yards as you make the rounds, adhere to all traffic rules and stop lights when crossing streets and try to travel in groups of 2 or more, keeping a close eye on each other using the buddy system.  Before sampling the treats that kids have been given, parents should inspect the snacks, making sure all the packages are still factory sealed before the long-awaited ripping, tearing and devouring begins.  A little preparedness and planning is all that’s needed for Halloween to go off without a hitch.  Have a blast, scare yourself (and others) silly, but keep your wits about you because while October 31st may only come once a year, like a zombie hungry for brains, it will return before you know it!


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