Top Costume Ideas of 2009…

With a little more than a week left, the Halloween anticipation is growing  stronger than ever!!! And the deadline to the big day is getting closer and closer!

Throughout the weeks we have been offering our top costume suggestions for all demographics…

From Kids to Teens to Dogs….we truly have all your Halloween needs!

With 2009 being such a big year for entertainment news…its no surprise that the top costumes of the year stem from movies and music.

After researching some of the top searches for costumes…we found a few which have been extremely popular across the board..

Here are 3 of the Top Costume ideas for 2009:

1) Michael Jackson-

The world suffered a tragic loss when MJ passed this year.  But his legacy and sequined glove live on! Celebrate his memory with one of his signature looks.

Michael Jackson Thriller Deluxe Adult CostumeMichael Jackson Beat it Jacket  Adult Costume

2) Vampires (Twilight, True Blood)-

With the hit HBO series True Blood and the frenzy of Twilight, there has never been a better time to be a vampire.

Edwardian Vampire Elite Collection AdultGothic Vampire

3) Harry Potter-

With the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince earlier this July, fans have been waiting for Halloween to emulate their favorite characters!

Adult Harry Potter RobeHarry Potter Gryffindor Robe Child  Costume

Halloween is upon us! Check out these popular looks!!


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