Tinker Bell Refined in 09!

It’s 2009…and times have changed for our beloved Tinker Bell!


She’s been around for nearly 50 years,…still looking as youthful as ever…But one thing however, had to change.  Her outfit!

The famous sidekick is more than just pixie dust and smiles…her character has been transformed into a star in her own right.  With the launch of her straight to DVD computer animated series…with the latest installment, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, due Oct. 27….

Tinker Bell is closing out the year with a bang!

Which is all the more reason to debut a new look, especially since the DVD’s autumn release.

Pixar co-founder John Lasseter states,

“I began thinking what the costume design would be for each season,” he says. Since Lost Treasure is set in autumn, “the weather is cooler, and her outfit should reflect that.”

Thumbs Up!

We are fans of Tinker Bell’s new look and persona…but for those of you who prefer her vintage elegance…Check out our selection of Tinker Bell’s items and accessories:

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