The Costume News Round-Up

Halloween is only a couple more weeks away and costume-related happenings are starting to pop up all around the country.  Here are a few stories from the East Coast that caught our eye as we prepare for the big dress-up holiday.  For Floridian dog owners, October 24th is a day to mark down on the calendar because that’s when Dogs For Life’s 8th Annual Howl-O-Ween Canine Costume Parade and Pet Expo takes place in Vero Beach.  Click here for more information on this delightful day of dog disguises and don’t forget to check out our selection of pet costumes to help your furry friend celebrate as well.  From the costume crime blotter, a Halloween shopper in South Carolina ended up in jail this week for trying to swipe a sexy outfit from her local mall.  The detail that elevates this above simple shoplifting is that it was a Police Officer Costume that she stuffed into her purse.  The Smoking Gun has a write-up on the incident, but we’ve got the Hot Cop Costumes that she wanted to get away with.  After a trip to the station we figure she got an up-close look at the Uniform and Accessories our boys in blue wear, so if she still wants to be a provocative policeman on Halloween, her outfit might be even more authentic post-arrest!


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