October=Yankees Time!

Sure October is the best month of the year…I mean we celebrate Halloween!

However, October also means game time…or should I say Yankee time?


In recent years, the highly popular Yankees have ended their past seasons in disappointment.  With extensive World Series and Championship records, fans were beginning to wonder if these over-paid players were even motivated to execute?

If that was in question at one point….fans are surely singing another tune this month.

The Yankees are on the super high way to the World Series!!…

First stop was Minnesota where the Bronx Bombers swept the series 3-0.  Tonight, they face the L.A. Angels with whom they already lead 3-1.

Should be a good one as the battle of the coasts continues!

Halloween is here before you know it…So make sure to tune in..

And since baseball is one of America’s favorite past times…check out our costumes!!

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