Jon & Kate Plus 8, Kate Minus $230,000

Things have taken a turn for the worst for America’s favorite train wreck, Jon & Kate Plus 8….

Lets give a recent time line of the latest events that have turned Jon & Kate into an all out freak show:

-Jon announces a halt to the divorce- seeking mediation for Kate and himself…Wants Kate as a friend [Right!!....]


-TLC announces that Jon’s role will be drastically shortened, and the show’s name will be changed to Kate Plus 8.

-Jon halts production of the show: citing concern for his children as reason.  A sign posted outside the Gosselin’s residence prohibits production crews or any TLC staff.

-Jon violates an agreement which is part of their divorce proceedings and withdraws $230,000 from a joint account with Kate….But wait, hes not a complete clown- he left her $1,000! [LOSER!]

Things are looking to turn into a complete circus between the two…But Kate continues to remain classy, and hopefully the children won’t continue to be affected…

Whatever happens, we will be sure to watch…

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